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Why do you players ...

Why do you players let their clock run down in chess?  



I have been noticing more and more lately that players I match up against with online are letting their clock run down. This of course never happens when they are winning the game, it's always when they are losing and clearly getting beat.

The time ranges I play are usually 10-30 minute games, and earlier tonight I was clearly winning a game and my opponent just sat and let a whole 24 minutes run out! 

Why do they do this, and do other chess players get this same experience?

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I mainly play shorter games (3 or 5 minute blitz games)  so when they do let the clock run out its not as much of a issue as the time is obviously shorter, not so good for you in longer games. It's completely unavoidable, I guess just block them afterwards so you do not play them again.


Immaturity. I used to do it a lot when younger as you can get angry at losing or making a bad chess move. As I matured I have no problem pressing the resign button now. The best way to deal with it is just go and make a tea or coffee, their time quickly runs out and you win, and if you do not want to be matched up against that opponent again just put them on ignore :mrgreen:


I have let my clock run down playing online chess on loads of occasions. Unfortunately you can get distracted when playing at home with something else going on, maybe a child, maybe a phone call, maybe something urgent at work, and you can easily forget that you are in the middle of a game of chess. I do not do it on purpose but it does happen. 

The people who let the clock run down simply because they are losing need to either learn how to play better, or find another game to play. 

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