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How can I cope with...

How can I cope with chess rage?  



I play regularly at bullet (1 minute) but when I lose I really do get angry. I used to be a 1100 player but am now a 2000 player which is a pretty high rating (for me) but I feel the pressure I put on myself and the amount of games I play is a direct result of how I have improved so highly.

The issue is that when I lose I really get frustrated with myself to the point of actually slamming my mouse, or just letting my clock run out.

Why is my nature like this when playing chess because in general life I am a fairly laid back person without ever losing my temper.

After about 5 minutes of the rage starting I have calmed down and can then play again or do other things.

This does not happen with any other games I play, just with chess.

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You never mentioned your age but when I was younger I used to get quite mad too when I lost, or would let my clock run down.

As I got older this slowly faded out from my game, of course, I still get a little upset with myself if I do a stupid move or something, but not to the extent of how I used to be. 

Just remember it's just a game, win, lose, or draw, makes very little difference to your life when playing online chess, and you will have forgot about the game after a couple of hours, or even less.

Happy Chess...

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