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Anyone play 4 playe...

Anyone play 4 player chess?  



Not sure if 4 player chess is a new concept or not as just recently discovered it on It's really fun to play though, and instead of playing against 1 opponent, you have 3 opponents. There is quite a lot to take in such as the scoring, how the game works, and strategy, and it all seems a little daunting at first but after a few games I was much more comfortable with it. 

4 player chess is well worth a go if you have not experienced it.

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I have played 4 player chess and quite enjoy it. It can be a frustrating game when one of the players does not know what they are doing and keep giving you pointless checks, which in turn destroys any chance you have of winning as when this happens others are just taking your pieces. I also like how they have updated the game so if a player resigns you cannot just easily capture their King, the computer will continue to move their King for them which does not give another player easy points for doing very little by capturing it.  

Thanks for sharing. You sound more experienced to the game than me. Answer on my other question for tips to get better if you like -

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