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Any strategy/tips f...

[Solved] Any strategy/tips for three-check chess?  



I have been playing a lot of three-check chess on Lichess lately, I am not all that good but looking for any strategies/tips with this type of chess to improve.

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My tips for a beginner is not to sacrifice all your main pieces just for the sake of getting a check. I allow my opponents to check me and sacrifice pieces as I know once they have lost 2 main pieces it will be much easier for me to check them three times as they are weaker.

I usually only check a player and sacrifice a main piece if 2 checks come from it, this makes it worth the trade.

Also similar to a standard game of chess, protect your King and make it safe, having your King exposed on the board is a nightmare in three check chess.

And of course practice as much as you can. The more you play the better you become. 

Appreciate. I do tend to give checks and lose bishops most of the time, I will be trying to stop this.

Not tried 3 check chess but sounds interesting, will give it a go over the weekend.

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