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WhereWhyWhen is a community of niche forums where questions, reviews, and discussions can be shared. WhereWhyWhen may enhance discussions by adding features such as price comparison, polls, and images. For example a user may post a product review and we will include a price comparison to retailers who stock this product.

The WhereWhyWhen discussion niches are not for content which can "easily" be researched via an online search. For example, "What year did [famous person] die?" is not an acceptable question and would be removed as this is easily researched. The discussions are more suited for opinion based answers, reviews, and questions which are unique and not where one answer can be researched online.

Content must be as detailed as possible to add value and to display that you are serious to want a discussion, answers, or replies, this is why alongside your discussion a description must be included. So for example if you were to ask "What are your favourite horror movies?", we would expect you to perhaps include in the description what horror movies are your favourite, and why.

All discussions must be relevant for life. For example if a question asked was "Do you think Liverpool will win the league?", this is not relevant for life as what football season does the question relate to. A relevant question would be "Do you think Liverpool will win the 2019/20 league?". This applies to all discussions.

All question titles must be in a question format including "?" at the end. Of course for reviews and other content which is not a question this is not required.

No questions, discussions or reviews must explain or request information which is illegal in nature. WhereWhyWhen is also not the place to troll or bait others through discussions. We also do not allow discussions seeking medical advice, suicidal advice, religious or political discussions. Always seek professional help with anything serious, online is never the place for this. 

If you do not agree with a question, review, or answer submitted this does not imply you can abuse this person in any way. The appropriate behaviour would be to ignore it, report it, or enter into a healthy debate via commenting, or to answer in a way which you think is correct.

Guests may join in or start a discussion, however all submissions are moderated and will take time to appear on the discussion. We recommend all visitors register for free so they can enjoy the full benefits which includes editing your profile, uploading a profile image, voting, subscribing to discussions and categories, and to avoid moderation.

Attachments are not permitted on discussions as these take up an incredible amount of HDD space. Users can share links to content found on the web which will appear in your question or answer, the only difference being is that this content will not be stored on our own servers.

Guests are unable to select best answer so after a period of inactivity Admin will select best answers based on what answer got the most likes, in the case of a equal amount of likes (or no likes), the answer posted first will be selected. The same applies to questions asked by members who have not selected a best answer.

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