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Do you think Karl P...

Do you think Karl Pilkington looks better with or without hair?  



Posted below images of Karl Pilkingon without hair, and how he looks with hair. What one do you think he looks better in?

Karl Pilkington with Hair

Karl Pilkington without Hair

I personally think he looks great with hair, so much younger looking.

2 Answers

What show and episode was this from where he got the wig? Looks funny seeing him look like that :mrgreen: 


The show was The Moaning of Life, series 2, episode 2 (Identity)...

I think he looks better without hair, that way we can see his shaved little head like a orange...



Thank you so much. I totally missed the boat and have not seen any of the Moaning of Life episodes. I am going to watch this over the weekend. The last thing I watched Karl in was An Idiot Abroad which was brilliant :mrgreen: 



You're welcome. I really enjoyed An Idiot Abroad too. Also if you were not aware, Karl is on the second season now of a show called Sick of It.



I forgot about Sick of It. I quite enjoyed the 1st season, will watch that ;)



Oh yeah the 2nd series of that show is out now, forgot all about that, cheers for the reminder :mrgreen: 



Wow he looks like a different person with hair, especially the hairstyle on the right.

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