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Are Ricky Gervais &...

Are Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant still friends?  



It never made sense that the co-writer of The Office (Merchant) was not involved at all in the David Brent film (surely this was part of the franchise). The pair do not follow one another on Twitter, and any interview that Ricky Gervais does there is absolutely no mention of Stephen Merchant, and I have watched a lot of these interviews. What is up with them? Something has happened and it ain't that old chestnut of ‘scheduling’ issues.

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It would appear not even though no public statement about them falling out has ever been released.

Like you mentioned both do not follow each other on Twitter, and Stephen Merchant was not involved in the David Brent movie David Brent: Life on the Road. Considering Stephen was joint creator of the successful UK sitcom The Office, you would think he would be involved in anything which involves the David Brent character, but no.

Partner of Ricky Gervais, Jane Fallon, also does not follow Stephen Merchant on Twitter.

All these facts alone surely point in the direction of some sort of falling out.

Think about this for one minute. Had you and your friend spent years together, became multi-millionaires together, you would surely follow one another on Twitter, even if not working together on project, that is unless you were not talking to one another!


Just because you make money with someone and work with them does not mean your going to best of friends. I am not close friends with anyone I work with outside of work, but we all get on in the workplace.

Also don't forget that Stephen Merchant has done things on his own which Ricky was not a part of, as has Karl Pilkington, so it works both ways.

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