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A bad experience at Firstly to deposit £10 using my debit card they charge a £0.25 fee (2.5%). I went ahead and did this anyway as I wanted to take advantage of the bet £10 get a £15 free bet bonus, but charging a fee to deposit is ridiculous, if you wanted to deposit £1000 they would charge you £25! Who does that, well Hopa do.

I then went ahead and placed a £10 bet which was then settled however no sign of my bonus at all. I did wait up to an hour but then decided I best contact them.

Customer support was extremely slow, after around 25 minutes a person named came to my assistance, I explained the situation and they said it would take a few minutes to look into and if I was ok to wait, I replied that's fine. A few minutes later I get a message saying the following:

Thank you for coming to live chat. Since I have not heard from you for over 3 minutes, I will end this chat in 30 seconds. Please click to chat with us again if we can be of further assistance.

So that was not a good or professional live chat experience.

Aside from not getting the bonus, I did not particularly like when placing a bet. The site does not function all that well, you get some messages about system is processing the ticket when you put on a bet, you never quite know if it has been placed or not and no message to say bet is placed, which is stupid really seeing as it is a betting site!

Also in the short time I used the site, on a few occasions the pages on Hopa would not load, so their server is probably not that good which is not something you want when betting.

I am wondering if Hopa is scam site who relies on the deposit fee they charge, they offer fake non existent bonus, and as I never had the opportunity to withdraw, I can only imagine this would not have been straightforward as they have a big prominent upload documents button, and we all know what that means.

Overall a very poor experience, you need to have trust when using a betting site, and this screamed out to me as not being run by people you really want to deal with. 

Posted : 09/04/2022 2:57 pm

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