Facts about heroin?

Facts about heroin?

Where does Heroin come from?

Heroin starts off from the properties of the poppy seed. The seeds originate from a really beautifully looking flower, the poppy.

Facts about heroin?

What is Heroin’s chemical name?

The chemical name for Heroin is Diacetylmorphine.

What does the Heroin molecule look like?

Facts about heroin?

What is Heroin known to cure?

Heroin has been known to primarily cure any ailment of cough, cold or pain.

It is used in severe pain condition to a person due to physical trauma, myocardial infarction, chronic pain, and surgical pain.

How does Heroin feel when taken by a user?

The user will feel tremendous euphoria when having taken a fix of heroin. To the user this will feel comforting, tranquil and safe for them.

It is this euphoria feeling that any user chases, which can ultimately lead to death by overdose.

Is each Heroin dose the same?

It certainly is not, when a user takes a dose of Heroin they are basically playing Russian roulette with their life.

Batches of Heroin will not share the same consistency and purity, and the batch may have been cut using other chemicals.

One dose of Heroin could get the user barely high, whilst the same quantity taken, but another batch could kill the user.

What are the short-term effects of taking Heroin?

The short-term effects will depend from person to person, and also by the quantity and purity of the drug, and how often is it being taken.

Common short-term effects when on Heroin are having a heavy body feeling, particularly the legs and arms, nausea, flushed skin, cloudy mental function, dry mouth, induced sleep state, slow respiration, and an overall drowsy state.

What are the long-term risks of taking Heroin?

Similar to the short-term effects, the long-term effects will vary from person to person. Also important factors are how often the user takes, the quality of the Heroin taken, and the precautions that user takes when administering the drug, such as do they share needles.

Long-term effects include the risk of catching the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), the risk over overdosing, skin infections and abscesses, pulmonary complications, infection of the heart lining, and liver disease.

Why are some Heroin users prescribed Methadone?

Methadone is a synthetic analgesic drug which can be used to be a substitute and treat heroin and morphine addiction.

Another drug which is known to block opiate receptors, and reduce the cravings and desired effects of opiate abuse similar to methadone, is Soboxen.

What are street names for Heroin?

Below in alphabetical order are names used for Heroin on the streets. Depending on where you are in the world, and what city you are in, the names used will differ greatly.

Big H, Black Eagle, Black Tar, Brown Sugar, China White, Chiva, Dope, Dragon, H Bomb, Hera, Horse, Junk, Lady, Mexican Mud, Pearl, Scag and Smack.

A brief history about Heroin:

In the 1330’s opium completely disappeared from European historical record for over 200 hundred years. This was due to the eyes of the Holy Inquisition when said that anything from the East was linked to the Devil.

The American Civil War resulted in over 400,000 soldiers suffering from morphine addiction, this was known as soldier’s disease.

Facts about heroin?

In 1895 Heroin was synthesized and brought to the market by Friedr Bayer.

Facts about heroin?

On Sumerian clay tablets, the first known mention of the opium poppy was found inscribed in Cuneiform script at around 3000 BC.

The Anglo Saxon/Asian war which was fought between the British and Chinese, in the years 1839-1842, and 1856-1860, were wars over who had the rights to control, sell and transport opium.

In 1804, a German scientist named Friedrich Serturner discovered the first active alkaloid extracted from the poppy plant, in which Morphine was discovered.

Facts about heroin?

Morphine was named after the Greek god Morpheus. This was because of the dream like state that Morphine induced.

Facts about heroin?

The citizens of India and Persia were introduced to opium in 330 BC by Alexander the Great.

Facts about heroin?

In 460 BC, Hippocrates dismissed the magical attributes of opium, but acknowledged the benefits of the narcotic in treating disease and pain.

Facts about heroin?

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