Will a homemade Ouija board still work?

A homemade Ouija board will work just the same as if one was bought from a store. As long as you have everything set out in the correct way, this means having the letters A to Z, the numbers 0 to 9, the YES and the NO, and finally also have GOOD BYE at the bottom.

It’s important to have the GOOD BYE at the bottom or the spirit you contact will stay with you forever, only joking, it will kill you and all those playing.

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People believe if and when you do contact a spirit, you must always use good bye at the end when ending the chat.

You will also need some sort of planchette, this is the part that moves all around the board and all people involved have to place fingers on this. This is how the spirit will be able to communicate to you all. The planchette should not be too heavy, light enough to be easily moved.

Will a homemade Ouija board still work?

Usually most people start out by asking if there is anybody there, and the planchette would move to YES if there was, and do nothing if not.

It’s best played with people who are serious about contacting the spirit world, and not ones who are going to jokingly mess about, or deliberately move the planchette.

It’s wise to read up about it all online, there are some pretty crazy stories from when people have played, remember you are opening up a portal and inviting a spirit into your life, you should always ask if they are a good or bad spirit.

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