Why Facebook Ads Suck?

Firstly, it must be noted that throughout my whole process setting up my Facebook Ads I was using my own debit card.

After setting up my account, selecting my campaign, and tweaking it all so my adverts would show to specific locations and people, I then set my daily budget and proceeded.

The final step was to add my debit card details, and provide my name and billing address.

I then get 2 notifications from Facebook, one letting me know that I have successfully created my first ad, and the second notification to let me know that my Ad has been approved. I also receive two emails telling me the same thing.

I am pleased at this point as everything seems to have went smoothly enough, and now I can test my Ads over the next few months and see how they perform.

A few minutes later I try to access the Ad Manager section, and I get a notification telling me the follwing:

Ad Manager Error

Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you’re running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook.

Click here to return to the Ads Manager

I wonder why this is, as it’s my debit card and it is linked to my billing address, and I have never had problems online before regarding this card. I click on the contact Facebook link, and inside are a few sections you need to fill out for security, such as information about your Ad, and then finally they ask you to upload ID to confirm your identity.

Even though this is a bit of a hassle, I choose to do all that is asked, and I take a picture of my passport with my picture and details, confirming everything about me.

Two seconds after uploading this information I am emailed with what I deem to be quite a rude email. It is short and simple and obviously automated, it says the following:


Your ad account has been disabled because of fraudulent activity. To make Facebook a safe place for everyone, this decision is final.

The Facebook Ads Team

Pretty charming isn’t it!

So now I feel angry and let down with Facebook. Not only do they have my personal details, but they also have my debit card details and my passport details! In return I am sent that charming email message above, and what did I do wrong? Absolutely nothing.

I will not be pursuing the matter further. I will stick to my successful Google Adwords which I spend £1000’s on each month, I was only trying to use Facebook to see if I could have the same success on their, but I will never know now.

Ignorant company in my opinion.

Why Facebook Ads Suck? Share your thoughts below.

9 thoughts on “Why Facebook Ads Suck?”

  1. I had the same problem, and it was driving me nuts. It really sucks. I added my paypal account, and my credit card, the ad an for about couple of hours, then got the verification message. After I sent the details,and the government ID with photo, I received the same e-mail. I tried adding other credit cards, also the same message. I think the only reason is that I was using mobile provider for internet connectivity, which uses IP’s that seem to be out of the country. I switched to adwords, and will never go back to FB. It is really offending to be called a fraud, when they have your financial and personal data !

    1. It’s very bad they do this. What sort of business has such practices anyway!! You would think any customer big or small would be good for them, as it all adds up. I am guessing they only want to cater for big name companies who are going to spend thousands. Anyone else who they think will spend little is just a waste of bandwidth for them. That’s my feeling on this anyway.

  2. They did the same thing to me, but after they did it I noticed I could no longer make purchases on Candy Crush, something I was wasting £10 or so a month on, stupid idiots :mrgreen: happy though.

    1. Yeah so their own stupidity is at least their own downfall also. Not only did they stop your payments for ads, it screws up any other things you were genuinely purchasing on the site.

      I would never give them my billing details, and I heard the ads have such a bad conversion rate anyway, not worth the while. I also think the ads have such a bad conversion rate is possibly due to them telling lies about how many active members they have. I would not be surprised if more than half of the accounts are fake.

  3. I actually heard it’s pretty useless anyway. Most people go on Facebook to chat with friends or playing stupid games, not to look at adverts and leave site.

    People who probably had something in mind to buy something would Google it and do all that before going on to Facebook.

    The only adverts that I think would do good on Facebook would probably be things targeted at people who play stupid games, or something like that.

    1. I would agree with you on the first part, but it is not useless. I have seen many companies achieve good results with facebook ads. I recently hired a local marketing company as an ad broker. I will post the results here as soon as they come.

  4. I would never give Facebook my credit or debit card details for anything. Not surprised you experienced this, after all from what I have read & watched about Mark Zuckerberg, he used people into even starting up that company.

    He stole the idea and deceived 2 brothers, he denied this but later in life it was proven through old chat records, and even the “close friend” who gave him $1000 early on so it could all become possible, and was promised 30% of the company, was quickly wrote off the books by Mark.

    All these people won compensation one way or the other, but just shows what sort of person he is.

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