Why does alcohol make you sick?

Alcohol can make an individual feel sick because alcohol is a poison. The body’s natural reaction to a poison, and the best way to get it out your system, is by making you sick (throw up). Your body is very clever in this department, it knows what it wants out, when you reach this point you have crossed that line.

Why does alcohol make you sick?
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However, the body can handle quite a fair amount of alcohol, but everyone has their own limits, thus is why some people can drink considerably more than others and it have no real ill effect on them.

Long-term alcohol abuse will damage your liver though, and once done this is non repairable, so even though your liver does a great job at repairing itself, make sure to drink sensibly and have long enough breaks in between drinking sessions.

To avoid feeling sick when drinking alcohol, you should ensure you have had a nice meal, that you are well hydrated, that you drink plenty of water in between drinks, that you don’t mix your drinks, and that you don’t consume more than your recommended daily units.

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