Where can I buy ready salted chipsticks?

For so many people, local shops are not stocking these classics, thankfully you can buy ready salted chipsticks at Amazon. They are sold as a box of 48.

Buy ready salted chipsticks at Amazon UK or Amazon USA

Salt & Vinegar are also supplied, but for some reason these seem to be sold in a box of just 30.

Amazon in fact supply a ton of classics that most shops no longer bother to stock, which is a real shame as these chipsticks were and still are fantastic crisps, and luckily we can all still enjoy.

Do you enjoy ready salted chipsticks? Share your comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Where can I buy ready salted chipsticks?

  1. My local shop is now selling these, really good value I think as only 39p a packet. Just the one flavour salt & vinegar, but they are my favourite anyway :grin:

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else find these chipsticks slightly more oily than what they used to be like. I had 2 packets yesterday and my fingers were left really greasy and oily. Don’t get me wrong the crisps were srtill delicious, just don’t recall them being so oily in the past, or maybe that’s just me with age ha ha ha

    • I can confirm Barry after having a bag of the salt & vinegar chipsticks not so long ago, that they are pretty oily, still really nice though :)

  3. Love these crisps and still do, I ordered a pack of them from Amazon and got yesterday, delicious, have to slow down though or I am going to put on lots of weight lol

    • Same here I only remember those two flavours also, though thinking about it now I think a cheese & onion flavour would have been ideally suited for these crisps.

      • I would have definitely bought chipsticks in a cheese and onion flavour, actually that is my favourite flavour of crisps :wink:

  4. Same here cant remember any other flavours, I would have liked these crisps in a cheese & onion flavour as well, even a beef flavour would have been good too.

  5. Loved these chipsticks crisps but local shop does not sell, going to treat myself to some salt & vinegar ones from Amazon :grin:

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