Where can I buy Potato Puffs?

Sadly after thorough research it looks like Potato Puffs are no longer being made, oh how I wish I was wrong! I could be…

I grew up on these crisps as a kid (dont worry, I was not neglected), I can only ever remember there being 3 flavours, ready salted, salt & vinegar and cheese & onion, but it looks like they also had a Beef flavour too, and maybe others also.

I found one website who were claiming to sell cheese & onion for just 10p a packet, but the website looks very dodgy indeed, the add to cart feature does not even work and it looks like what once was a website has been abandoned, so I will not be recommending that link to anyone.

From what I remember these crisps were a little oily, and they appeared like someone had crushed the whole packet, loads of delicious little individual flakes.

Some people online are claiming that local corner shops where they are from are still selling these, but mines certainly does not. I would imagine however if corner shops were selling them, we would have at least found someone selling them online, even on eBay, but nothing listed on their either!

So for now anyway, the where can I buy potato puffs saga continues. If you do happen to know anywhere please comment below.

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To the last reviewer Mike, they never stopped selling fish n chips though, Burtons are still a company selling things, primarily biscuits now. If they

Feb 27, 2014 by lee

To the last reviewer Mike, they never stopped selling fish n chips though, Burtons are still a company selling things, primarily biscuits now. If they wish not to sell these I am surprised someone like walkers isn't selling their own version of potato puffs, people loved them.

Response: Thanks for your review Lee ;)

Burtons is comin back i bought fish an chips the other day still the same as wen i was younger but please bring back puffs

Feb 26, 2014 by Mike Forbes

Burtons is comin back i bought fish an chips the other day still the same as wen i was younger but please bring back puffs

Response: Thanks for your review Mike ;)

If anyone from Burtons happens to read this page - Please bring back these crisps, they were the only crisps I loved as a teenager, my mother was even

Feb 19, 2014 by nicky

If anyone from Burtons happens to read this page - Please bring back these crisps, they were the only crisps I loved as a teenager, my mother was even asking about them the other day, as were a few friends.

Response: Thanks for your review Nicky ;)

There were my favourite crisps back in the late eighties. My mum would always buy a big multi-pack of these for me and my 2 brothers as it was the cri

Jan 14, 2014 by Gregor

There were my favourite crisps back in the late eighties. My mum would always buy a big multi-pack of these for me and my 2 brothers as it was the crisps we loved the most. Even my mum & dad were a big fan of them.

Sad to see that I will not be able to ever try these again seeing as it looks like Burtons will not be making - Maybe one day I hope.

Happy to see so many others too still thinking about potato puffs.

Response: Thanks for your review Gregor ;)

5.0 5.0 4 4 To the last reviewer Mike, they never stopped selling fish n chips though, Burtons are still a company selling things, primarily biscuits now. If they wish not to sell these I am s Where can I buy Potato Puffs?

116 thoughts on “Where can I buy Potato Puffs?

  1. I work in Asda on the checkout, and the amount of customers who ask me if we sell potato puffs is unreal. Not a week goes by without me getting asked this same question. I think Burtons would do very well to remake and stock these.

  2. I would love to get my hands on potato puffs again, by the looks of the comments on here it’s not something that will ever happen, such a shame :( oh well, happy 2014 all…

    • Nope never going to happen. Could through another company though who see a niche having these sort of crisps on the market. How hard can it be to make them if you run a crisps company lol

  3. Why do companies always stop a good thing! There are no crisps currently on the market that are anything like how potato puffs were. Bring them back Burtons!!

  4. Just buy a bag of any sort of crisps, before opening them squeeze them all really hard. Open up the bag, close your eyes, put your hand inside and pull some crisps out, put in mouth and enjoy. Ah potato puffs are back. I can’t honestly beleive what the fuss is all about, sure they were good, but were they really that brilliant.

    I bet if 90% of you had a packet right now, after having them you would think, what was all the fuss about.

    It’s even the same when you think about sweets you loved when growing up, and you finally get to try them again, afterwards your like, they were not as good as I remember them being.

    • That might be true for some people Jim, but I had my second “first” bag almost 10 years after leaving the UK. They were every bit as amazing as I remembered. They were absolutely nothing like crushed up crisps.
      On top of that they were a steal at 10p a packet.

    • Jim I just did what you said with a packet of golden wonder cheese & onion, and guess what, you were right, why did I not think of doing this before lol

      What an idiotic example you just gave us all, crush crisps lol. Also potato puffs were not like they were all crushed, they were perfect little heavenly flakes.

      Darren is right, and for 10p you could get no better.

      I also disagree with you Jim about sweets from the past. I have bought loads of nice sweets from a company called A Quarter Of, they sell lots of retro sweets that were available many years ago (back in the 70′s), and all the ones I loved back then I enjoyed even more now.

    • Now Jim that is just not going to work, you and I both know that :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      If I was owner of Burton’s these crisps would be coming back, and soon. Can you imagine the sales :eek:

      • Mandy a user on this site had contacted them, and they were kind enough to reply back. Here was the message:

        Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your positive comments.

        We really appreciate the public demand about potato puffs but unfortunately there are no current plans to bring them back at this time. We decided to concentrate on our biscuit products several years ago we would no longer have the equipment necessary to produce these savoury snacks.

        Thank you again for your time.

        Kindest Regards

        • I wonder what equipment they meant, bring back the old looking 70/80′s retro machine that made these crisps Burton’s lol

        • Oh, never knew someone had contacted them. By the sounds of that reply it’s never going to happen then, or at least not for now anyway :evil:

    • Wish I had thought of that, crushing any bag of crisps, how genius of you Jim :p Problem solved everyone, potato puffs are now back, yay, thanks Jim :p

  5. Yes, they definitely had beef flavour. It was the only flavour I ate. That was in the mid 80s. I moved to Canada in the late 80s but would buy a box of them each time I visited. The last time I was able to buy them was in Feb. or 1998.
    The selection of crisps in Canada is absolutely dire – there is no beef flavour! I miss puffs a lot.

  6. anyone know of any crisps that slightly resemble how the puffs were, seeing as they obviously cannot be bought now :cry:

    • I don’t know of any crisps Beth which are flaky like how these ones were. All crisps these days seem to be strong in shape, I do however quite like cheaper snack one that cost 20p from golden wonder, you can get different types like cheeseburger ones etc pretty good value for the price actually.

  7. I was wondering if they still sold potato puffs, sadly from what I have read here the answer seems to be no. Only remembered them when me and some friends were discussing old sweets and crisps we used to love as kids :grin:

  8. If only another company just did the same thing as how potato puffs were they would sell loads, am surprised someone like Walkers have not stepped up to the challenge :twisted:

  9. where do i buy these puff crisps?? i have been looking for them everywere! please help i need some puffs.

    • I honestly cant recall tomato flavoured puffs, even though a few people now mention them, I don’t think they were ever sold where I lived, would have been nice though as I like tomato flavoured crisps.

    • I seriously can’t remember tomato flavoured potato puffs either, are you 100% sure!! I remember all the other flavours people are mentioning, and my favourite were the cheese n onion :)

  10. ha ha look how many people loved these crisps, I really understand why though, I found this thread randomly looking for them and if anyone sold them still, seems not though :neutral:

  11. Damn you Burton’s :twisted: You need to get these puffs back on the market, I loved them, did not even have to scrunch up the packet to eat, all nice and lovely little flakes, a little bit oily also, absolutely delicious, they were the best crisps in my childhood, and still nothing as good as them today.

  12. Hi all. A colleague just brought some potato puffs to work & they were delicious!! Asked about them. His wife attended a food fair & were presented by a company from PA (USA) who are trying to market their products here in GTA. Cross your fingers!!

    • Interesting Abdi, Burton’s I think are a UK company though who did these crisps, unless someone else in America see’s the potential in making these now, where is GTA by the way :?:

  13. I have arrived late to this thread but found it refreshing! So many potato puff/crisps lovers – makes my heart glow ;-)

    Anyways, just wanted to pick your collective (and authoritative) brains…

    My family moved from Inverness to the South of England in the sixties. We returned to The Highlands every summer, which is where I remember potato puffs from. I recall them as Walter’s Potato Puffs, in a red packet, plain flavoured. They were small tubes of thin potato, mostly broken and flaky. Sounds like the same as the Burtons puffs,no?
    Incidentally, I never saw them in Hampshire. Do you think they were a Northern thing?

  14. LOVED PP’s
    I would buy box loads !! We could only ever get them from the ice cream man, which was good as you could get 5 packs for the price of 1 ice cream, but always asked parents for ice cream money !! He only ever had ready salted and cheese & tomato though, so have never tried any other flavour…

  15. Shame puffs are no longer sold, I too would buy loads of them. Even to this day and it has been years I can exactly vision how they were. Little small flakes, the bag actually looked like it had been crushed.

  16. Guy it my shop got some scampi fries in the other day, no luck getting potato puffs, but boy do I love smith’s scampi fries, taste so good, bit expensive though for the amount you get in the packet :neutral:

    • Yeah you don’t get much in a packet Alexander, I find they do taste really good, however for the price and the volume inside them I will not be purchasing them all that often now. I think the last packet I bought had about 9 crisps in it.

        • This might sound stupid Paula, but how much is a multipack of 6 scampi fries in poundland, £1??

          As if so that is an amazing deal.

            • That does seem like a really great deal Paul, have to check out poundland next time I see one. Not sure if one is in Edinburgh though.

              • I found addresses for 4 if thats any help. Let me know if you find the fries, if not I’ll pick some up for ya and post up !…..
                Nicolson St, Newington.
                Newkirkgate Centre.
                St. James Shopping Centre.
                High St, Musselburgh.

                • Apparently there are loads in Edinburgh Paul, and even one a bit closer to me in a shopping centre. As you can see I rarely go shopping lol

                  Will nip in next time am out shopping and see if our stores here have the same deals as your ones have :wink:

                  My local shop sells scampi fries but £0.69 for 1 packet, so your deal is amazing for 6 :wink:

  17. golden wonder pickled onion are now my favourite flavour of crisps, this changes every month though, last week month it was cheese and onion discos, they were old classic ones too, not much in a bag though :(

  18. What sort of company stop making popular crisps, but aside from that, what sort of company does not bring popular crisps back on the market when everyone know there is a demand for them. Do the right thing Burton’s and bring back potato puffs.

    • Isaac they said something about how they are more focused now on the biscuit side of things, and to be frankly honest with you I don’t ever recall even seeing Burton’s biscuits!!

  19. At the moment I am getting back into my Walkers Squares, I love both flavour the cheese & onion and salt & vinegar, beef flavoured hula hoops I am enjoying also :smile:

    • Hula Hoops are good but I find the packets just too small and quick to eat. I need to have at least 3 packets, if not more. My favourite hula hoops are the roast chicken flavour, then the cheese & onion, not a huge fan of the salt & vinegar or the ready salted.

      I don’t think hula hoops do any other flavours, not that I have ever seen anyway…

  20. Anyone tried golden wonder cheeseburger flavour crisps, had a few packets of them today, only 20p a packet and they taste really nice.

    Shame about puffs but by the sounds of things not likely we will ever see again, grew up these things, mum used to buy them all in the time in multi-pack bags, she even loved them.

    • Will look out for them Marco, at the moment I have been having the bikers spicy crisps from golden wonder, pretty nice, this afternoon I had a packet of walkers pickled onion as not seem them in the shop for a while where I am, enjoyed them also.

      Shame about the potato puffs, demand seems mental for them lol

  21. Guys calm down, I never said they were exactly the same as potato puffs, just said they were nice, and also oily like puffs were, never said they were the new replacement :razz:

  22. Has anyone here tried golden wonder ringos. I had a packet the other day, they come in salt & vinegar and cheese & onion. They are 30p each, but a little like potato puffs in that they are pretty oily, quite nice actually.

    • I hate to burst your bubble Oliver but golden wonder ringos are nothing like potato puffs, in fact they are big round crisps, quite hard and no fluffiness or flakiness to them at all like puffs had, they are ok but still nowhere close :cool:

      • I echo that James, bought ringos and nope certainly not in the same league as potato puffs, actually I wouldn’t buy ringos again.

        My favourite crisps at the moment are Frisps, they are pretty nice :wink:

        • I like frisps too, particulaly the cheese and onion ones, not too keen on salt and vinegar. I think that is the only two flavours that frisps do.

          My other favourites are monster munch pickled onion :lol:

  23. You don’t get quality 10p crisps like these any longer, actually most of them are 20p now and still not as good as they used to be back in the day lol

  24. Here is an email I got back from Burtons regarding potato puffs –

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your positive comments.

    We really appreciate the public demand about potato puffs but unfortunately there are no current plans to bring them back at this time. We decided to concentrate on our biscuit products several years ago we would no longer have the equipment necessary to produce these savoury snacks.

    Thank you again for your time.

    Kindest Regards

    [name hidden by wherewhywhen.com]

    Consumer Services
    Burtons Foods

    • Thanks Emily, looks like no chance potato puffs are ever coming back, not from Burtons anyway.

      Maybe another crisp company could make similar ones, I see no reason why not.

      • Stacey you never know. If I was a crisp manufacturer, I think it would be a very clever and smart opportunity to do crisps like these ones, but then again I know nothing about this business.

        I imagine it is very competetive, but would be easy enoughn for one of the already established big brands to do. Even if it was just a promotional sort of thing to see how they do over a few months.

  25. Hi again people, it is probably worth petitioning or running a campaign..
    Companies as such Must listen to their customers and eventually give in to the demand.
    If somebody can show us the way in petitioning or campaigning please comment as I haven’t done something as such however I will do it if nobody with past experience comments..

  26. Mrs Crumbles original cheese bites are puffs on a bigger scale. Cheese flavour though, not as good as the beef, kinda like cheddars but not as strong. Still really tasty though!!

  27. I had a great idea, why don’t we just say to Burton’s, listen up, either start making these crisps again or we run a campaign to boycott all Burton’s products until they do start making them again lol

    Or is that :evil: :evil: :evil:

  28. Thanks Dee for trying. I just sent them an email also, surely it would not be all that hard to bring them out again. Every shop would stock them, everyone would buy them, and everyone would be happy :grin:

  29. Hi guys I emailed burtons foods twice now in my earlier email they sold me they had sold the machinery that used to make potato puffs and no longer actually have the machines to make it!! It’s probably a foreign company that bought this British biscuit maker and simply stopped production of English classics and concentrated on producing more expensive biscuits!!!!

    Petition is one thing but you guys should all email burtons foods!! This is their email address ;


    • Thanks for that update Dee, I am sure they could get similar machines if they really wanted too :wink:

      That is being a :evil: Sara lol

  30. I loved them crisps!!!!! They were SOOOOOO DELICIOUS! Such a shame because Burtons would be earning loads of money , as they can probably see from this page and lots of other pages!!!! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK WE ARE BEGGING YOU!!!! :cry: :cry: :oops: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  31. Hi again guys, just wanted to update that I spoke to my shopkeeper yesterday and no cash & carry he visited stock these, and of the few shopkeeper friends he asked, none have seen potato puffs in years.

    It doesn’t look good unfortunately :sad:

    • Nobody knows what Burtons say Brad, so strange because it is so obvious there would be demand for these crisps. I can imagine them being for sale at 20p a packet, loads would be bought and I would be one of them that is buying.

      Maybe somebody should forward this page to Burtons :?:

  32. I was talking to my local shopkeeper about potato puffs the other day, he said he goes to a few different cash & carry places who some have older things that they still get from manufacturers, so he is going to check it out and ask around, so will keep you guys updated with what he finds out

    • i would love to find out why from an employer at Burton’s why they decided to stop making them, that would be interesting.

      If anyone knows or finds out, please share here for all to know.

      • Yeah it would be interesting to know why they stopped them, clearly it was not a problem of demand, everyone I know loved potato puffs, we need answers lol

          • Ah the fish n chips, I remember them well, I really enjoyed these as a kid also…

            Damn they don’t make anything like they did in the olden days :lol:

    • Signed the petition to bring back potato puffs, come on guys lets all do it, its a crime not having these crisps on our shelves :evil:

  33. Really, bacon and bean flavour. It seems like everyone had flavours out with the standard vinegar, cheese, plain and beef that I grew up having.

    I have never tried roysters before, will give them a try if any of my local shops stock them, thanks.

    • Roysters are nothing like potato puffs, that made me laugh, the crisps could not be any different in all honesty, don’t talk utter rubbish :razz:

      Insult to potato puffs that is :roll:

  34. OMG! I loved the ready salted, bought them from the school tuck shop everyday. I did find a corner shop a few years ago that would purchase a whole box for me, but alas the shop no longer exists. :cry:

  35. This is crazy, even my friends loved these crisps, I think the company is losing out big time by not introducing potato puffs back, or are Burton’s even in business any more, does anyone know?

    • Yeah same here Rob, must be same as me, I am pretty certain my area had none of the other flavours mentioned, must have been a location thing where they only trialled some out at some places, or our supermarkets/shops did not want to stock the other flavours.

  36. You guys remember flavours I have absolutely no recollection off, in my head all I remember was Beef, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion.

    Maybe they stocked different flavours at different parts of the UK/World and not all available at some places. I am from Scotland.

  37. Perhaps we should start a petition to get them back. I bought them for my kids but both my husband and I loved them. Please burtons bring them back!

    • Sounds like a good idea Gill, being the site owner here you would be amazed at home many people are searching for them, it has been thousands from the start of this post being made.

      Let me know when you start that petition, will be first to sign my name :grin:

  38. Tuck shop at my school sold Burtons potato puffs (1969-1974)Cheese and tomato, Plain and Barbeque flavour. Those were the days !!!

  39. My faves also, cheese n tomato mmmmmmmmm. I’m gonna email burtons everyday! “we want puffs & fish & chips” when do we want um “now”

  40. I loved these tubes of potato, one bag was never enough though. I only ever saw plain, salt and vinegar and cheese and onion. Whenever I go in a cheap shop, pound shop or BM home bargains I look around in hope that they have some, never been lucky in my search though

  41. I was thinking about these today, I sooo loved them, why if so many people want them dont they put them back in production :sad:

    • I know they should start selling them again, I used to scrunch them all up and eat a packet in one go, they tasted so good also.

  42. there was also cheese and tomato & minted lamb
    used to buy them from the local bakers. oh how i dream for one more pack. Anyone got the recipe.

    • Really, I have no memory whatsoever of cheese and tomato, or minted lamb :grin:

      Mind you back then I was a kid, my mum probably bought all the shopping mostly, she loved them also :grin:

      Welcome to WhereWhyWhen

  43. I have decided that PotatoPuffs are a part of my past that I would love to re-introduce. I used to go down the corner shop, buy about 4 bags and enjoy the scoff. That would mean emptying the small red crumpled bag into my mouth for a fully satisfying “chomp”. I only really was into the plain flavour but cheese and onion was ok.
    Anyway, I will have to send a grovelling request to Burton’s to see if they would be interested in my plea.
    If anyone else has a similar thought would they please do the same, give Burton’s a reason to bring back the humble, the affectionately missed most delicous crisp ever!

      • Lol did you just make that up Dave, seriously, an Oxo flavour!! Now I 100% can categorically say that where I lived I never saw that flavour ever. In fact I have never seen any crisps with an Oxo flavour!!

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