When do kittens eat solid food?

When your kitten is under 3 years old, but older than 8 weeks, this is the time to be feeding them solid food, although it has to be kitten food. When your kitten is over 3 years old this is when you should be feeding it regular cat food. Do not feed your kitten regular cat food until over 3 years old, it does not contain the calories provided that kitten food offers.

When do kittens eat solid food?

When choosing kitten food make sure the main ingredient is meat, this is because cats are carnivores, so their digestive system is designed to eat and digest meat. Anything like vegetables or fruit can be hard for the stomach to digest and could lead to problems.

As well as meat you can give treats for your kitten including milk and tuna,, and you can also give them treats that will be beneficial for the teeth.

Also feed your kitten regularly, as unlike cats who will eat whatever is in front of it, even to the point of being over full, like us humans do, a kitten will eat the amount it requires, this is important as it is growing up. So if you put a bowl down to your kitten and it is completely finished, put down so more not so long later. It will not just eat for the sake of eating, it will eat because it is seeking it.

Additionally if you got your kitten from someone else such as a breeder, you should ideally be asking what sort of meat product they have already been feeding it, because it is obviously going to be used to this and must like it, and if you are happy with what they are using, then go for it, and if not change.

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