What is a PVG check?

A PVG check stands for Protecting Vulnerable Groups.

What is a PVG check?

Basically if your applying for a job or volunteering and they say a PVG check must be carried out, this is a job where as an employee/volunteer you’ll be in close contact with vulnerable people.

Vulnerable people can include being in contact with children, being in contact with the elderly, or being in contact with people that have disabilities.

Depending on the job/volunteer work, different PVG checks can vary, but here are some of things that may be checked (or all):

  • Unspent Convictions
  • Spent Convictions
  • Cautions
  • Membership Status
  • Consideration Status
  • Suitability Information
  • Prescribed Court Orders, Sex Offenders Notification Requirements
  • Sex Offenders Notification Requirements
  • Other Relevant Information
  • Information about last PVG Scheme Record
  • Information about changes to Vetting Information

Be aware that when doing a PVG check on you, the disclosure may include details of your criminal records, and basically any other information that the police force or government body has on you. This will be disclosed to the people checking up on you, that’s the whole point, the safety of the people you’ll be in contact with is paramount.

Individuals can also apply for a PVG check. This can come in handy prior to applying for anything, so you can see exactly what the outcome for you is.

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