What is a blackjack split?

A blackjack split is allowed when you (the player) has been dealt two identical cards, for example two 8’s, two aces or two 3’s.

What is a blackjack split?
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When you split your cards you then pay for another hand.

For example say your playing blackjack and your first initial bet was £10, and you then decide to split your cards, you will bet another £10 automatically, so you will now have £20 bet total and £10 on each set of cards you have.

After you have split, each card gets placed to one side, and you will then play the normal game of blackjack i.e. hitting, standing or doubling (if allowed), on one set of cards, and once complete you will play again on the other set of cards.

A good time to split is usually when you have been dealt 8-8, 9-9 and A-A, and when the dealer is showing a low card.

For example say you have been dealt ace-ace, and the dealers up card is showing as a 4. This is a very good opportunity for you to split as there is a high chance you’ll win both hands, and even get a blackjack on one or both.

A lot of blackjack players like to split when they have 10-10, however this is mostly a winning hand all the time, and you could easily be dealt a 7 on both after splitting which would give you 17 in each, and this is not always a winning hand, so I prefer to stand on winning hands, and split on ones where I think my current situation could improve.

Usually after splitting you are allowed to split again if they two cards dealt are once again doubles I.e. two 4’s, two 7’s etc, and this will further increase your betting amount. How many times you can carry on splitting is dependant on where you are playing.

I suggest if you want to know all the hands in blackjack to stand, hit, split and double on, then you read the following guide which includes the perfect blackjack strategy card here

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