What Are The Switch Card Game Rules

The switch card game rules can be very funny unlike other card games because no matter where I travel too or who I play with, every person or place you go has a slightly different way of how they play.

I do not know the official rules, but this was the way we always played and still do today. I will point out only the basic rules and only the cards that actually do something.

Each player in turn is dealt a card until all players have 7 cards each, the final card is dealt face up on the table so everyone can see and the remaining stack placed face down next to it.

The object of the game is to be the first to get all your cards out. The person to the left of the current dealer is the first to play.

You can put down any card as long as it is the same suit or number, for example:

If the face up card is 4 of diamonds, you could put another diamond card on this or a 4.

You could also put down 4 of diamonds, 4 of clubs and 4 of spades, if you so happened to have these in your hand.

The game continues like this but here are the cards that actually do things when you put them down:

2 – If you play a 2 you say to the opponent next to you pick up 2. If he doesn’t have a 2 he takes 2 from the deck and it’s the next players turn. If he does have a 2 he can play this and say pick up 4 to the next opponent and so on.

5 – This variation I have not seen with many people but we also play this. A black 5 means you can tell your opponent to pick up 5, and he can only cancel this if he has a red 5, or if he has a black 5 and he can tell other opponent to pick up 10. Similar to pick up 2.

7 – The 7 card plays your suit, for example if you have a 7 of clubs and get the chance to play this, you can then continue on and play all other clubs you have in your hand. I like this one the best.

8 – When you play this card you must say 8 or wait to your next opponent, if they do not have an 8 they must wait and next player goes, if they do have an 8 they play it and say same thing to next opponent and so on.

Jack – The jack card reverses the way the game is playing so it instantly changes direction.

Ace – With the ace you can change the suit, for example if you have the Ace of Hearts and can play this, once you do you can say whatever suit you want the game to be on or keep it on the same.

That’s basically the way I have grew up to play the card game Switch. Also when you know with the cards you have you could be able to get out on your next go, you must say ‘cards’ to all other players so they know, not everyone plays these last card rules but I think they are only fair. Failure to do this means you have to keep the cards you have, pick up one other card and miss your go.

How do you play the game of Switch, share with us below.


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Thanks for explaining these rules, my friend thought I was cheating when I played a 7 then followed through by playing all my other cards of the same

by gareth

Thanks for explaining these rules, my friend thought I was cheating when I played a 7 then followed through by playing all my other cards of the same suit as the 7 😉

Response: Thanks for your review Gareth 😉

5.0 5.0 1 1 Thanks for explaining these rules, my friend thought I was cheating when I played a 7 then followed through by playing all my other cards of the same suit as the 7 😉 What Are The Switch Card Game Rules

10 thoughts on “What Are The Switch Card Game Rules

    1. It’s the same thing waiting or missing a turn, if waiting you are missing a turn aren’t you!! So unless you have an 8 when this happens you miss a turn.

  1. Can you play the Ace on any card apart from an action card like if you have to pick up two cards.

    Say for example the person who’s shot it is before me just plays something like a 6 of clubs, and I have an ace of diamonds, am I able to play my ace of diamonds on the 6 of clubs and declare what the new suit is if I am changing it.

    Or would I need to have an ace of clubs to be able to play it down seeing as the other card is a 6 of clubs?


  2. The proper way I have always played it (but not with some other idiots who have crazy things) is 2 picks up 2, I think everyone can agree this is correct for all. If you get told to pick up 2 you can play a 2 and say pick up 4 to next player etc, or even if you had all other 3 x 2’s you could say pick up 8 (happens rarely).

    Then you have a Jack which reverses the play, another Jack would reverse it back etc

    The 8 or wait, simply if next player does not have an 8 he can do nothing, if he does he can play it down and next player has to wait and so forth.

    Finally an ace card and with this you can change the suit your all playing on.

    I really dislike this red five, black five, seven plays suit etc, before you know it every single card in the deck has some super-power and the game is ruined 😆 😆 😆

  3. I think my friend is doing this all wrong, he is trying to tell when playing switch that 8 misses a go, I agree with him but say it is not an instant miss a go, it should be 8 or wait, so if you do have an 8 you can play then say the same thing, 8 or wait back, if person has no 8 they then have to miss a go and it goes on to the next player.

    1. Alastair your correct, say you are sitting to the left of me and it is my turn to play, I lay down an 8 and say 8 or wait to you, you now only have two options, one is you say wait because you don’t have an 8, or you play down an 8 and say to the next opponent 8 or wait, that is how this works.

      What I disagree with and what someone else mentioned in the comments is the black 5 pick up 5, and the red 5 cancels it, this is stupid and I am unsure who ever made this crap up for switch lol

  4. 8 or wait and pick up 2 seems universal when playing switch, where the confusion comes in is all the other variations. We tried it tonight with the seven plays your suit and that is pretty neat, but we thought the black 5 pick up 5, red 5 cancels it was not so good.

    It’s all funny how it is not even different countries where the rules of switch vary, even just different towns in the same country rules change.

  5. much as above but the trick cards differ

    2-pick up 2
    a-change to any suit
    jack- back to you to play another card or pick up
    joker-any card
    8-play an 8 or miss a turn

    must say card on last card, and if you can go out with a number of cards you must say card as you place the last card in play on your way out.

    1. Pretty similar, have never seen the Joker be involved before, and have never seen the Jack mean back to you.

      You should try thr 7 plays your suit, it’s quite a nice one to have.

      1. We play 7 plays your suit also, this is a good way to get them all out faster.

        Black 5 pick up 5 seems a bit extreme though, and red 5 cancels it. So potentially a person can pick up 10 cards lol, aint ever seen switch played this way. I wonder if there are official rules for this game anywhere.

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