What Are The Shark Tank Judges Names

All the judges that have appeared in Shark Tank throughout seasons 1 – 4  are in alphabetcal order below:

Update: New judges for season 5, 6 and 7 have been added.

Barbara Corcoran

Daymond John

Jeff Foxworthy

Kevin Harrington

Kevin O’Leary

Lori Greiner

Mark Cuban

Robert Herjavec

John Paul DeJoria (season 5)


Steve Tisch (season 5)


Nick Woodman (season 6)


Ashton Kutcher (season 7)


Troy Carter (season 7)


Chris Sacca (season 7)


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26 thoughts on “What Are The Shark Tank Judges Names

  1. Thanks, I was wondering what some of there names were after watching my 1st episode. Shark Tank is a really good show.

  2. The show is getting a little boring for me now as it’s the same each week. I know it would be difficult to change it, but even the types of companies they have are boring. It’s always someone selling some sort of apparel, some sort of food, or some sort of online business. I want to see multi-million deals being done, the earlier seasons were like this.

  3. Any ideas if there will be a season 7 of shark tank? Think this show is brilliant, much better than the UK version dragons den.

    1. I don’t even think season 6 has fully been aired yet but is near the end. Season 7 if there is one will be a little while away, I hope there is though.

  4. Oh, just wanted to add – Lori Greiner is such a sexy woman, I hope she is in future seasons if they are making them 😀

  5. Does anyone know if they will be making a season 6 of shark tank? Just finished watching season 5 here but am from UK so no clue about the Americans. Much better version by the way compared to our version here which is dull & boring.

      1. I am happy to hear this and thanks for letting me know. I am also enjoying the Canadian version of this show, they call it same here as the UK, Dragon’s Den.

  6. First things first – Lori Greiner is gorgeous. Secondly – Why do people keep coming on the show and asking for crazy amounts of money when their business does not warrant it yet. Sure they could be good in the future, but some of the evaluations are crazy. Like hey sharks I want $150,000 and will give you 10% but we have yet to start selling our product, crazy………

    1. Could not disagree with you, Lori is so hot and a brilliant business woman. I think she is the one who could sell millions of products on QVC if your product was fitted to that type of setup.

      I don’t ever remember seeing Kevin Harrington, he must have been in the early seasons which I missed. Will try to see if I can get them somehow.

    2. I echo your thoughts exactly – Lori Greiner is amazing, and I agree also, sometimes they ask for way too much and don’t they know that by asking for a smaller amount they would probably get a shark on board!

    3. One thing that utterly annoys me on this show is when one of the sharks says to the person with the idea, you either accept my deal now and doesn’t let them have a chance to listen to any of the other sharks.

      This for me is really stupid, immature and not professional. They all are business people, let the person hear what everyone has to say, your deal may not be the best, pure arrogance, and Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec are the worse for doing it, it shouldn’t be allowed.

      Don’t ever recall Mr. Wonderful doing it ever, but he knows how business works.

  7. Just so you know there is a new guy that makes an appearance in season 5 of shark tank. Forget his name now but he is a billionaire, you should try to add him on 😉

  8. The Canadian show I think is actually the best from them all, the Irish one is the worse. Great show though, love the ideas people come up with, crazy and good 😀

    And Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec are my favourite judges, they both do Canada and the US version 😉

  9. I was not aware of a Canadian one either, thanks for pointing that out Trevor 😉

    I also noticed the other day that Ireland has their own version of the show too, I added it on my Sky planner with series link, so I have a few of them shows to watch, not got around to it yet though, so cant comment what its like.

  10. They have a Canadian version of this show, think they are on the 7th season now, and Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec are both in it, pretty good.

    1. Wow did not know that, I knew about Dragon’s Den here in the UK, and also Shark Tank, did not realise Canada had a version though, will have to try and see if I can find it somewhere 😉

    1. Yeah good point, his right eye does look a little funny, just the angle I presume, well spotted 😀

  11. Kevin O’Leary is my favourite, such a smart businessman, it’s a pity they don’t show this on UK television, so I had no option but to d/load the series online.

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