What are some other uses for dental floss apart from flossing?

Dental floss is super string. It’s extremely strong and comes in a compact case.

What are some other uses for dental floss apart from flossing?
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When you travel, you probably take some with your other toiletries, so all you need to do is remember that floss can do more than just clean your teeth.

Here are a few examples where dental floss could come in handy:

Travellers swear by it for repairing torn bag straps and backpacks. (It helps if you’ve also packed a big sewing needle.) Dental floss is much stronger than thread and its slippery surface allows it to slide more easily through tough fabrics.

You can also use it to tie a package closed or as a temporary washing line when you are travelling.

An old friend was travelling abroad and she used dental floss to repair her broken necklace. She just threaded the loose beads onto a piece of dental floss and knotted both ends. The solution worked perfectly, and kept all her beads safe until she returned home and could get it properly repaired.

Dental floss also has culinary uses. For instance, you can use it to slice a cake by holding the floss taut across the top of the cake, pushing down and then sliding it out the side.

Dental floss can also be used to slice cheese (unwaxed for soft cheese, waxed for hard).

Have you used dental floss for any other tasks out with flossing? Share your comments/review below.


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