Tips To Get A Slim Stomach

By following these tips on how to get a slim stomach, you will easily lose the flab on this healthier lifestyle plan.

Tips To Get A Slim Stomach

Flat Stomach Foods

You need to eat flat stomach foods that help get rid of constipation and bloating.

Each day blend a handful of green leafy vegetables such as kale, watercress and spinach, and add a some berries, a chopped apple and a large glass of cold water. Drink one of these everyday.

When having lunch or main meals include diuretic vegetables such as celery, cucumber and lettuce.

Also add cinnamon to your diet as research has shown that when you digest cinnamon in your body, this helps get sugar out of the bloodstream and into your cells before it gets converted to abdominal fat.

You can easily add cinnamon to your diet by sprinkling it in hot drinks and cereals.

Also eat papaya. This contains natural digestive enzymes which help bloating from occurring. This is best eaten after you’ve had a main meal.

Stop Eating Bloat-Inducing Foods

Ideally in order to get a slim stomach you’re going to have to cut down on eating sugary carbs such as biscuits and cakes. These have an inflammatory effect which leads to bloating.

Also avoid chewing gum and drinking fizzy drinks. These can make you inhale excess air.

Cut back on known windy vegetables, these are mainly broccoli and cabbage.

If possible you should try and go wheat free. Wheat causes bloating and by cutting this out it can make a huge difference in your quest for a slim stomach.

Drink Water

Drink water but not too much of it, 6-8 glasses a day is perfect as you’ll also be getting water from your diet of fruit and vegetables.

By drinking too much water this can cause bloating because you can actually dehydrate and bloat up. Having excess water flushes out electrolytes from your body.


Chamomile and peppermint tea are excellent to reduce bloating in the stomach area. Try to have at least one cup of these types of tea each day.

Lotions & Supplements

Cosmetic creams can be useful for firming your skin. Be on the lookout for creams that are particularly geared towards stomach firming and toning. In tests from women who used firming creams, 95% claim that their skin was much firmer after using.

Probiotics can also really help prevent any bloating in your stomach area, and will give you a healthier digestion and flatter stomach, so look out or supplements which are probiotics.


Any sort of exercise is good for you, and you should at least look to have a good workout 3-4 times each week for one hour+ sessions.

Exercises that are good for your stomach include:

Start by standing with you feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Slightly bend your knees and keep your tummy held in and your hips still.

Then punch your arms across your body, so your left arm punches out and to your right, and do the same with your right arm to the left. Do these as fast as you can for around 30 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise five times.

By doing this continuously as part of your exercise routine you’ll start seeing results in your stomach area, and also your arms which will prevent you from getting bingo wings, or will help bingo wings if you’ve got them.

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