Should I still send a gift if not attending a wedding?

Yes, you should. If you were sent a wedding invitation, but it is too far away (in distance) to attend or you have another commitment, you should still send a gift.

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A wedding present isn’t intended as a repayment for you getting to take part in the wedding ceremony and reception. It is a way of expressing your good wishes for the couple and responding to the regard they showed you by asking you to share in their big day with them.

What you send is entirely up to you, and depends on how well you know the bride and/or groom.

If the bride is a close relative, you will obviously want to give a meaningful present. On the other hand, if the wedding is that of a distant acquaintance, something more modest will do just fine.

Have a look at their wedding list, it is likely that they have put together a list with a wide range of prices and you’ll be able to find something suitable.

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3 thoughts on “Should I still send a gift if not attending a wedding?

  1. I have this dilemma, a wedding I cant be attending but was wondering if I should send a gift or not. I don’t know them so well (an old work colleague) so I probably will not be sending a gift now that I think about it. Was nice and all to invite, but apart from that I really don’t hear from her.

    1. In your case that would probably be the best decision Lynne. You never hear from them, does not sound like you are all that close either.

      1. I never attended and never sent a gift. Like I said if I kept in contact with her would’ve been different. I don’t even have her on my Facebook!

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