Why does Sky Q not have Amazon Prime Video as an App?  



I upgraded my Sky TV and am now using Sky Q. The service is really brilliant however I noticed in the Apps section they do not have Amazon Prime Video. They do have other Apps like Netflix and YouTube. Am I able to get Amazon Video on this, I find it strange they would exclude this service.

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This has been asked a lot in the Sky forums, Sky state that they have noted a lot of people are asking about Amazon Prime to be added, though they say they do not have any immediate plans to add it. It does seem odd to me that they add Netflix but not Amazon Prime. 


It's not so bad now as I have a smart TV so can easily switch over and watch Amazon Prime, would still have been better if Sky Q had included them though.



Amazon Prime is on my Sky Q box now, I noticed a while back it was not but now it's available. Must have just took some time for Sky to strike a deal or something with them to get it put on.

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