What are all the Sky Q games?  



I am getting Sky Q installed in a few weeks time and I notice you can get games to play. Can anyone tell me what all the Sky Q games are?

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Currently there are 23 games on my Sky Q and they are:

Word Sensei, Tetris, Puppy Rescue, Doodle Jump, Crossy Road, Tomb Runner, Solitaire Classic, Solitaire Towers, A-Maze-ing Mac, VS 100, Carrot Mania Pirates, Text Wist, Super Collapse II, Hearts, Letter Sensei, 2048, Moodies, Crossy Road, Space Moodies, Carrot Mania Space, Strike, Mahjongg, Backgammon, and Darts.

You can play them all with your Sky Q remote.

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Thanks for that, the games sound good, did not think there would be so many.


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