Sky Q Darts Game Review  



The darts game on the Sky Q box is quite decent. The format is really simple if you are familiar with darts. You can either play 301 or 501, and the objective is to get to 0 with the least amount of darts, and you must finish either on a double or the bullseye.

The controls are very basic, basically the enter button on the Sky remote is all you need to use. A target will spin around the board anti-clockwise, you then press enter to stop the target, and then the target will move up and down over the number you stopped on, and you then press enter again to release the dart.

The chalk board easily keeps track of your score so no need to do major calculations other than working out what to finish on at the end, and the game will also keep of track how long it took you to complete, and the total number of throws.

Overall Sky Q Darts is good for passing a little bit of time and trying to beat your old scores, but not a game you will spend all day playing

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