Does Netflix focus more on TV shows or Movies?  



I tend to find the movies on Netflix are not worthy of watching, very occasionally will I find one that was worth watching, the TV shows on the other hand are really good. Is this just down to my personal taste or does Netflix focus more on providing quality TV shows.

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I am by no means a expert but creating TV shows with seasons should be a great thing for Netflix as it will keep people on the platform for longer.

The average person who is working might only watch a episode every now and then of something they enjoy, so they will not feel inclined to cancel their membership. Not only this but when a TV show comes to a end for that season, they can entice them back when the next new season starts if they had left.

Also if you have a really good exclusive TV show and lots of people are talking about it to their friends, this is obviously going to get more people joining the platform to watch it. 

I do not think a movie has this sort of appeal for Netflix, as most people will watch it once and that's it. Of course this does not mean they should avoid providing movies as you need to cater to the tastes of many people.


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That makes sense James, a TV show will definitely keep someone using Netflix for longer as it does for me.

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