Do you think Netflix documentaries are a little long drawn?  



Don't get me wrong I do enjoy Netflix documentaries, though I cant help but feel they are a little long drawn.

They seem to make them unnecessarily long with pointless interviews with people which really do not add much to the actual story, and other equally uninteresting information throughout.

I am sure most of the documentaries they do could be condensed into a shorter more compelling documentary, though I wonder if they deliberately make them long as their format is to have subscribers watching for longer and staying subscribed.

For the cost of the service I cant fault Netflix on that, I just feel watching a documentary which is a good story, gets a bit tedious with the length of it.

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Look at what the BBC and Louis Theroux squeeze into a 1 hour documentary, they are just as factual (or more) and tell the story in a decent timeline. You can apply the same to shows on National Geographic and Discovery, usually all these are 1 hour long. Netflix shows are long-drawn, I agree, but they are always a decent watch and pass time.

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