Can you win £20,000 on Tipping Point?  

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My friend was telling me that if you get the jackpot counter over on Tipping Point and a double chip falls with it your £10,000 is doubled to £20,000, is that true?

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Your friend is correct though this has not always been a Tipping Point rule. From series 8 if a contestant drops the jackpot counter alongside a double counter the jackpot of £10,000 will be doubled to £20,000. I have watched a contestant win this once, though I am not sure if it has only happened once or more as it's not a show I get to watch all the time.

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I was not aware of this rule and have never saw it happen on the show. It's a interesting rule but I guess to get the tipping point counter to fall down with a double at the same time will happen rarely. Also during the game the players usually get a few double counters down.


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