Does this over 0.5 ...

Does this over 0.5 goal strategy work?  



I have been researching football strategies and one that popped up a lot was an over 0.5 goals strategy. The idea is that before a match you back over 0.5 goals, and as soon as a goal is scored from either team your bet has won.

The strategy I read most involved a starting balance of say £10, and when you win your first bet, you put the complete balance on again including winnings on to the next selection, and you keep doing this over and over. 

If you are successful and do not pick a loser, within 90 correct times doing this your profit would be close to £55,000 at taking odds of 1.10 or higher.

Is this something that could work?

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Having had experience with this exact strategy, I can tell you from my results I would normally get around 10-15 games in a row on average before picking a loser.

The over 0.5 goals strategy that you mention is not practical as not only is it extremely unlikely you would select correctly 90 in a row, the odds you mention of 1.10 are not usually so generous. The standard English Premiership game has odds of around 1.02 - 1.08, and no way would you get a bookmaker or exchange to match your high volume bets as you keep increasing your stake.

What I suggest you do is trial the strategy for £10, once you reach £20 profit, bank £10 and then restart the strategy again, at least this way you never lose money unless you of course fail on your first few attempts. 

Keep us updated with how you get on.

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