Does the martingale...

Does the martingale system work on football betting?  



I know it's the road to the poor house when the martingale is used on casino games, however, what about with football betting when you are in control of what bets and teams you choose.

I fancy trying this but wanted to hear from others who have maybe experienced trying the martingale system with football or other sports bets.

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The Martingale System can be used on sports betting though similar to using it at a casino you could still run out of money if you hit a long losing streak, and unfortunately it's not just at the casino where a long losing streak occurs.

If you are pretty good at your selections then it could work. Just set a stop-loss in your head so if it does not go to plan you know exactly when you will be stopping.  

Say all selections you choose had a 50% chance of winning with decimal odds 2.00. You bet £10, lose, so you bet £20, lose, you bet £40, lose, and now you bet £80 and lose. That is only 4 bets and you have lost a total of £150. The next bet is £160 and it's only to win £10, to me that is dangerous. Having 4 losers in a row in any sport is not uncommon.

Another suggestion would be to do it with a lower amount, £1 for example, just to see how you get on, as if it doesn't work that way then you saved yourself some money.

Whatever you do, just know that the losing run will happen so figure out a strategy to overcome that losing run and you have more chance of success :mrgreen:  

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