What is your favour...

What is your favourite chocolate bar?  



For me it has to be the Lion Bar. They have been about for a very long time, I remember them when I was a kid over 25 years ago. They taste delicious, are easy to eat, and overall a quality chocolate bar.

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

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I like a Picnic bar or a Topic bar the most based on what I buy. To be honest though, I like most chocolate bars.


Same here, Picnic bars are the best. They have a little bit of everything, chocolate, caramel, raisins, and nuts. They are sort of like a Lion bar but with fruit and nuts. 


@Claire Dickinson

The lion bars have changed, the last one I bought I thought it was broke but they now come with 2 parts, just how a bounty would be. Speaking of favourites, I like the bounty bar.



My top 5 chocolate bars throughout the years have to be:

1) Caramac
2) Snickers (used to be Marathon)
3) Twix
4) Mars Bar
5) Crunchie

I would say I have bought these the most, and all of them are still available.

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