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McCoys Muchos Nacho Cheese Crisps Review  



I was excited to try these tortilla snacks from McCoys, though I was left disappointed. They really are bland and tasteless. I expected more from McCoys as I rate them as a brand who offer high quality crisps, the McCoys Muchos I will not be purchasing again, and my friend who tried them was not impressed either.

Not only are they bland, they do not even remotely taste like a nacho with cheese, not even close!

Maybe they would taste better if you ate them with a sour cream dip or something, but as a standalone crisp to snack on I would avoid these.

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I never liked them either, they lacked any substance. When I was eating them I was thinking I wished I bought a bag of cheese McCoys :mrgreen: 


I never thought they were all that bad, I have had much worse crisps. Granted they are not overly exciting, I would not refuse a packet though and would buy again.



Have you tried any of the others in the Muchos range, they also have Smoky Chilli Chicken, and Cool Sour Cream & Onion. Unfortunately my shop only stocks the Nacho Cheese ones. I thought they were OK, want to try the others and see if they are better.


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