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Jacobs Cracker Crisps Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Review  



A friend brought me round a packet of these crisps and I was very impressed with them, so much so I happily ate the whole 150g bag (and could have ate more).

The vinegar on the crisps is on the stronger side where you can definitely tell they are salt & vinegar, which I like, and the texture of the crisps reminded me a little of how Ritz crackers are, but a little stronger.

Whilst eating I also thought these crisps would go perfectly with some sort of creamy dip, something like Philadelphia cheese would go amazing with them I think, and I will try that next time.

After looking for them online I also notice they have 3 other flavours, Thai Sweet Chill, Smoky Barbecue, and Sour Cream & Chive, so I will definitely be looking to try all these at some point, though not been to my local Asda yet to see if they stock any of these, and I will not be buying on Amazon as the prices are shockingly high!

Jacobs Cracker Crisps Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

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They are really tasty and addictive, and there is another flavour you missed out called Mature Cheddar Ploughman's (Seasonal Edition) which are nice.

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