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Cerez Pazari Turkish Delights with Mix Fruit Flavours Review  



My lovely boyfriend treated me to these Turkish Delights as a early birthday present, and this was my first try of this brand. I was really impressed with them as they contain my three favourite flavours which are lemon, rosewater, and orange.

The sweets are very addictive especially because they are coated in a nice soft sugar powder, and when you put one in your mouth it just blows you away and makes you want for more.

They are very moreish, and I managed to eat the whole box in one sitting, along with my daughter and a few friends who also enjoyed them. I never counted how many were in the box but there was roughly about 40.

These would make a nice gift for anyone who likes Turkish Delights.

Cerez Pazari Turkish Delights with Mix Fruit Flavours

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