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Free Solo was a recommended documentary by my cousin, and one I really enjoyed watching. The main man Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber, however, he also likes to free solo which means using no ropes whilst scaling up a mountain!

The documentary had me on the edge of my seat each time I was viewing Alex free solo, I mean it seems so dangerous, one slip and your dead, and it's so easy for humans to make mistakes, you even see Alex fall a few times when he has ropes.

Aside from some scenes about Alex and his friends, his relationship with his girlfriend, and a few scenes such as doctors scanning his brain to see if it functions like others (which it does not), the highlight of the show comes in the last 20 minutes when Alex wants to achieve his dreams of climbing El Capitan's 900 metre vertical rock face, free solo!

Free Solo is 1 hour 40 minutes long, which at first seemed a long time for a documentary about a rock climber, but this time whizzed by as the documentary is so nicely made, and it was a very enjoyable watch. Recommended.

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I remember seeing him for the first time on YouTube and thinking he must balls of steel to do this. I will definitely be watching this documentary. 

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