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What is your favourite chess variant to play?  



I have been playing chess for a few years now and recently I started to play around with some of the chess variants available on Lichess. Racing Kings is quite a fun one where the goal is to be the first player to get your King to the back rank. The strategy involved means you cant make a move which will put the opponents King in check, that move is illegal and not allowed.

What chess variant do you like to play?

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There was a game called Losers Chess which I really liked to play a few years back, this question reminded me of it. I will need to play it again, the idea is to lose all your chess pieces to win the game. If there is a move where you can capture an opponents piece you must always do it, if there are several options to capture you just select which one. I have not tried the Racing Kings you mentioned, will try that too.

I believe losers chess is the same game as Antichess just named differently. This was the first chess variant I ever played years ago and still do from time to time :)


Chess960 is good, the starting position is random but the same chess rules apply.

I agree, Chess960 is probably my favourite as every game is totally unique so it's the best variant I think for chess training as in chess games the position ends up totally random at some point so this helps.

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