My dog is scared of loud noises how can I help?

In a sense we have all been scared of loud noises at some point in our life, and yet we still do get scared when an unexpected loud noise happens, we usually get a fright, jump a little and then realise what the cause of the noise was and we relax and calm down again.

For a dog scared of loud noises this is completely different, they do not know what the loud noise was, so the anxiety does not go away and they end up being more scared, particularly if the noise is continuous such as fireworks.

There is no quick fix to curing this problem, dogs ears are much more sensitive to our own, they hear the slightest things us humans can not even hear. I have watched many a TV programme in the past and suddenly my dog becomes hysterical and cant stop barking, and this is because he is hearing a particular noise on the TV show that is sensitive to him, but not to me. I tested this experiment by calming him down rewinding the programme slightly and replaying. The results were the same and I was then able to pick out the tiny little sound that was triggering it.

The best cure when your dog is faced with loud noises is to not leave them on there own, you should be by there side and comfort them by patting the head and clapping, assuring them everything is ok, by doing this you are telling them that everything is ok and you are there to support them.

This is all that is needed to work if it is going to work, I take my dog walks on fireworks nights now when loads of rockets and big bangs are going off and he is fine, if one does startle him I simply give him a pat tell him he is a good boy and off we go again.

Of course not all dogs will be the same, if you have one who is really a nervous wreck, then it’s wise you always keep indoors and try your best to keep away from loud noises, but when faced with them give him the comfort and support as mentioned above.

My dog is scared of loud noises how can I help?

My dog is scared of loud noises how can I help? Share your thoughts below.


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