Is the Sony PS4 console worth the money?

Is the Sony PS4 console worth the money?

Is the Sony PS4 console worth the money?

I have owned my Sony PS4 console for roughly 2 weeks now and am really impressed with just about everything it offers, however, there are a few things I would like it to have to make it the complete package for me.

I have divided my review into three sections, positives, negatives, and conclusion.


The console is very thin, quiet and modern looking, so whether your using it as a bedroom device or having it in your living room, it will not look out of place.

Setting up was simple as one would expect. Within just a few minutes of un-boxing I had it all turned on and ready to go.

Signing up to Playstation Plus and activating my 14 day free trial was simple enough. Do note that you will need to enter your debit/credit card details prior to activating it.

The choice of movies, games, music and TV shows although not massive, they do have quite a decent collection for you to either buy or rent.

Games look absolutely stunning on the console, and I appreciate the fact that this is a relatively new system and a lot of games are currently being developed, but early signs are really good, and it will be interesting to see how all the future ones look.

The controller is brilliant. Having owned just about all consoles, this one for me is the best. Fits in my hand perfectly, feels comfortable when holding, and I like that I can plugin my headphones at the bottom of them when required.


Even though the Sony PS4 supports USB, you currently cant plugin in your USB drive or sticks like you could on the PS3. This is rather annoying as all the media I buy I usually put on my USB drive, I really should be able to play these on my PS4 system. I am hoping they release a patch which will address this issue.

My second issue is that I thought by becoming a Playstation Plus member I would get special offers on some of the games that I want. This is not the case. At the point of writing this review if I for example wanted to download and own Fifa 14, this would cost me a whopping £54.99 through the Playstation store, whereas if I bought the game and owned the actual disc, this would cost me just £38.86!!!

I have played 4 different games on the PS4 console, and all 4 have crashed at least once whilst in play. Don’t get me wrong, this is not something which is occurring over and over, but all the same, it has happened.


Don’t buy the PS4 console yet if you plan to watch any of your own media as it simply will not work.

Only join and pay for the Playstation Plus membership if you actually plan on playing online games, as to buy it thinking of buying games online at a good price is just a joke.

I really don’t understand this at all, I would have thought that Sony would want to encourage people to purchase online, so why then the crazy prices?

My only conclusion as to why this is, is because they know some people are desperate enough to want the game there and then without the need of ordering online or visiting a shop.

I thankfully will NEVER pay Sony for a game online which costs much less for me to buy from store and own the physical disc which I can then resell on or swap with friends.

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Feb 07, 2017 by Anonymous

The only thing I dislike about my PS4 is sometimes it gets very noisy when playing games. I hope this is not something wrong with the inside of mine like the fan or something working too hard, but it can sound really loud and it does bother me.

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Mar 13, 2015 by Anonymous

I knew when buying the PS4 that it was unable to play media via a USB drive as I read up about it, but I was also informed somewhere that it would be coming in a update, this was simply not true. Had my console for over a year now and still no support for a flash drive in any of the USB ports and I doubt one is ever coming.

Having a console in this day and age is not all about gaming, I watch Netflix on my console in my living room, I often record family events and put them on a flash drive and I have no way of playing these using the PS4, why would they take this function away? So my only option is to use a bedroom PC!

Also the supposed next generation gaming has not blown me away, most of the games are over-hyped and overpriced, and I am now on my third PS controller as twice now the rubber has fell away from the thumb sticks because they probably got made in China for a few dollars a piece.

I would ditch this console tomorrow if something else was available where I could play media and game, so it was basically a home entertainment system.

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Jan 15, 2015 by Anonymous

Totally agree, they should offer the games at a more competitive price when buying online. The shops have loads more overheads and costs selling a physical disc than downloading on the pS4 store, so how come the games are more expensive. Like the original reviewer says, I am only going to buy physical copies of all games so I can get some money back for them in the future, you never really play a game much again after you have fully completed it.

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Oct 09, 2014 by Anonymous

A list of things I dislike about the ps4 console just now - 1) Obviously not being able to use usb drives on it to play media you may have. 2) The lack of decent games being released, they all keep being delayed. 3) The shocking price to buy games in the store. 4) Lack of any free content, including demos.

I also hate the way gaming is becoming. To get full achievements in some games I have noticed now that a lot of trophy\'s requires you to do stupid things like buy all equipment, the only sole purpose of this is money, money, money.

I think also they deliberately leave out a lot of game content when creating the games, content that would have been in the game years ago, but now they say lets not release these sections and make people pay for them later on, again, money, money, money.

Regarding graphics, I have not seen anything yet that has blown me away. I say stick to your ps3 for now, and buy this system in 2 years time when all the games released now are dirt cheap, and the console is also a lot cheaper. By not having it your not missing out on much, I use my console more for watching amazon prime at the moment, as all the games are easily beat with not many hours invested in each one.

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Sep 28, 2014 by Anonymous

Why is buying games in the ps store so expensive? They want £54.99 for fifa 15 but it only costs £40 from amazon and some other places slightly cheaper. You cant even resell when you buy from the ps store, so I don\'t see the value in paying a monthly membership yet.
Not the best of games released yet either. I should have waited a year but too late now. I am not all that impressed with the next generation console, it lacks things the ps3 even had.
I wish the valve steam machine was out but its been delayed, I think when it\'s released I will sell the ps4 to buy it.

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Aug 28, 2014 by Anonymous

The USB drive on the PS4 is working so why then cant I play music and video media I have on my flash drives? This is terrible as the PS3 could do this.
I saved video footage from the PS4 and then uploaded it to my USB plugged into the console, you cannot even play this back on the stupid console, what is the point!!!
Why do they do this, I do not want a console just for gaming, I want it to do everything. If they think by doing this I am going to be buying all my movies and music through any of their services they can think again, I am already a member of Netflix too.
I have read that a patch will come for this to be fixed, but they said this supposedly about 5+ months ago, and still nothing. I was contemplating moving to Xbox One, but I read this too is no better regarding this. My only hope now is that the The XiaoMingZi Steam Machine will function like a console and a PC.

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Aug 24, 2014 by Anonymous

What I dislike about the ps4 console is that when the network is down and you cant sign in nothing else works.

I have had 2 days now over a weekend where the service was not working. This means I cant even watch netflix which I pay for, play any online games, or really do anything apart from playing single player games.

Would not bother me so much if it was down during the week, but to screw up over weekends when this is the time that most people have time to relax and do things on their console is shocking.

Also having read other reviews I also agree that the pricing for things in the marketplace is shocking, we pay a monthly subscription, why rip us off for the cost of games. Do you think it makes us happy Sony when we see you selling a digital downloaded game for say £44.99 when we can buy a real copy for £30 from a retailer. I joined thinking digital downloads were the future and that we would be getting great bargains for doing so, not the case at all.

Also I think you should review services you allow on the console. For example the demand 5 app is terrible. You can be watching a programme and then it just crashes, then to resume you need to watch all the adverts again which is a complete scam. The service is corrupt and should be removed, or it should function properly like netflix does.

Dissapointed cannot play my own media too, something my ps3 did.

If things do not get better this console is going on eBay and I am going to buy a xbox one.

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Jul 27, 2014 by Anonymous

I never realised that I would have to pay a subscription just to play online games! I already spent hundreds on the console and my football game fifa 14 was not cheap either, and this is really the only sort of game I will be playing. So if I want to play with friends or people online I must pay a monthly charge on top of all these other expenses, and there is no way around it. Feel cheated with no option to enjoy my game which was not cheap unless I pay more and more and more and more!!!

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Jul 12, 2014 by Anonymous


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Jul 05, 2014 by Anonymous

I think all this next Gen Talk is a lot of rubbish from what I have experienced so far with my playstation 4. Before buying one I thought the visuals and things were really going to be out of this world, and the same with the games, but not really been the case.

All games I have played which include the much anticipated Watch Dogs and others have all been easily completed, and I don\'t sit in awe looking at the visuals any different to what I did with my playstation 3.

Maybe future games will be different, but I would suggest holding back for the price of everything to lower as it\'s nothing special right this minute.

I have also cancelled my playstation plus subscription with them as they offer no value in the store, so will live with not playing games online (which I was not doing much anyway) just now.

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May 25, 2014 by Anonymous

To not include the functionality to watch movies I have purchased via usb is disgraceful. I am now back to using my ps3 to do this! What are Sony playing at. I wish I had known about this prior to buying as I would have held off until I knew for sure they were releasing an update to fix this (they do say one will come).
Other than this the console plays games good, , nice graphics, comfortable controller, and navigation in the ps store is pretty nice, but still hardly a living room media machine without usb, which I was planning on using it for.

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May 09, 2014 by Anonymous

Cant compare it to the xbox one as have yet to play with this yet, all my mates got a a sony ps4 so at least we can all game together.
Dislike the cost of extra controllers, seems too expensive, and being a student the cost of the games are too high so will be limited to what I can buy.
The system is perfect though, and hoping GTA5 is going to be released soon.

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May 06, 2014 by Anonymous

Overall happy with the playstation 4 console but just not with the selection of games released yet. I think and hope the games that we do see later released are really going to showcase the true power of the next generation console.

I like also that I can charge my mobile phone in one of the front USB ports, and it seems to charge my phone a lot quicker than even when I use a wall socket, I just leave the USB cable plugged in here always now.

Control pad is nice and comfortable in my hand, and the machine is deadly quiet compared to some of the sounds previous ones made, particularly the xbox 360 which was a nightmare for making crunching sounds.

More good games and I will be happy.

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2.3 4.0 13 13 The only thing I dislike about my PS4 is sometimes it gets very noisy when playing games. I hope this is not something wrong with the inside of mine like the fan or something worki Is the Sony PS4 console worth the money?