Is the game candy crush saga rigged?

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Having experienced playing the game candy crush saga, I can honestly say that yes the game is 100% rigged in my opinion.

The game is simply not fair in regards to how other video games are played, where every level you play you should be able to beat it by using skill.

With candy crush saga the developers create the game in such a way that it may take you a very long time to even get a winnable position on a certain level, and the only reason they do this is so you pay money to progress.

I found the game quite enjoyable up to level 29, then the game seemed to start randomly giving crazy boards which were never going to be possible to complete, nevertheless, with some perseverance I managed to slowly but surely climb up the levels again (without paying).

It was after doing this and reaching other impossible levels with random no winning situations I decided enough was enough and stopped playing the game, to be honest I was bored with it by then.

I much prefer games where every level would be possible, no matter how hard it may be, but with candy crush saga that is not the case, so for me it is not a real game, and only something which will waste your own time.

Thankfully I used a hack on my galaxy s3 so I never had to wait for my lives to return. All I did when I lost all my lives was exit the game, and in settings I would change the date on my phone one day forward, I could then enter the game again and have all my lives back instantly, you can do this an unlimited amount of times.

The game has now been uninstalled (Facebook gone also), and I will stick to fun challenging games where all levels are possible through skill. Shame really as I don’t mind paying for add-ons in games to help with certain scenarios, however, not scenarios when the game is just rigged to give winless positions over and over.

Have you played the game candy crush saga? Do you think its rigged? Share your comments/review below.