How to unblock a toilet?

How to unblock a toilet:

If the blockage isn’t caused by something out of the ordinary, there’s a quick and clean way to clear it.

Part-fill a bucket with water – not so much that it would fill the toilet pan. With one swift movement, pour the water all in one go into the centre of the toilet pan, where the pipework curves out of sight. The weight and the force of the water will probably be enough to shift the blockage.

If that doesn’t work, use a special WC plunger that’s large enough to cover the whole of the toilet outlet.

For a really stubborn blockage, try a plumber’s snake, or auger. Insert the cable end of the tool into the U-bend and turn the crank handle. This winds the cable through the toilet’s trap and into the soil pipe. Its hooked spring tip allows you to grab the blockage and carefully pull it back out through the trap or to push and break up the clog.

Another technique that I have personally tried and what worked really well was by using a mop. Place the head of the mop into the toilet bowl, and using a little force yank the mop back and forward causing suction with the water, repeat this process up to 5 times, this works in a similar way to using the bucket full of water.

If none of this works, call a plumber.

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