How can I find missing friends?

Using the internet can be a very powerful tool for finding missing friends. Of course if your friends have been missing from you for a very long time, it may be slightly more difficult, or it may just be that they never wanted to be found.

How can I find missing friends?

Here are a few tips on how you can search for missing friends.


Facebook should be the first place you look. If you cant find them from searching for there name, perhaps they either do not have a Facebook account, or they have it set as private so they cant be found with searches.

If the person you are trying to find is not showing up, you can search for family members they may have. For example do they have brothers or sisters, if you can locate any of these, and your friend is not on their list, then chances are they are not using Facebook, but you can always contact them now and ask about your friends whereabouts, leaving a email address and number that they can pass for you.

Google Search

Google search engine crawls billions of web pages every day, and the chances are if your friend has been on the internet for some time, they may have wrote their name somewhere.

By searching using quotes like this “persons name”, the search results will show exactly everywhere that name has been found. A quick look through some of these and you could very easily find your missing friend.

If you don’t find your friend or any helpful information using both methods above, it really is going to be quite difficult to locate your friend. However here are other tips in which you can try:

Where did they last work when you knew them, chances are they could still be working in the same place. A quick call to ask to speak to a person will instantly tell you if person works at that place or not.

Where did they last live, they could still be living at the same place.

Out with searching for Facebook family members, you could try searching for best friends you knew they had. When you find any a simple message to ask could be enough.

I would avoid paying for any service that promises to find you someone. Usually the information can be a little dated, and no longer applicable. Or they simply might just give you results for another person with the same name.

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