Home remedies on how to ease tooth pain?

Home remedies can alleviate the pain of a cavity but they can’t eliminate the hole in your mouth, see a dentist for help with that.

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Until you get the chance to see a dentist you can try out some of these home remedies to ease your tooth pain:

  • Tooth pain improves quickly when you pour a little clove oil onto a cottonwool ball and hold it to the painful tooth.
  • If you don’t have clove oil, place a clove on an aching tooth and bite down on it carefully.
  • Roll a savoy cabbage leaf with a rolling pin until soft and then press it onto the outside of the appropriate cheek.
  • Rub the gums surrounding a painful tooth with a crushed garlic clove.
  • Rinse your mouth three to fives times a day with an analgesic mixture of arnica, clary sage and chamomile. Mix together 10g arnica, 30g sage and 40g chamomile. Pour a cup of hot water over 1 tablespoon of the mixture, then strain and cool.
  • Ice cools and soothes pain: press an ice pack onto your cheek or suck an ice cube.
  • Willow bark and meadowsweet contain substances related to the painkiller acetylsalicylic acid (a component of many synthetic pain medications). You can make tea from these herbs that help relieve tooth pain.
  • A trick I find which helps me to alleviate pain the best until I can see a dentist is pouring a glass of warm water, and then I add 1 tablespoon of salt to this glass as well as an aspirin tablet. Then take a small drink and hold it in your mouth whilst gargling it around a little, usually I would hold this mixture in my mouth for quite a while as the pain would ease.

Be sure to visit your dentist as soon as you can, even though the pain will end up usually going away, it will come back even worse at a later stage if left untreated.

Was this answer to home remedies on how to ease tooth pain helpful? Share your comments below and perhaps what methods you have used in the past.

2 thoughts on “Home remedies on how to ease tooth pain?

  1. Holding ice water in my mouth seems to be working, however I nearly choked to death last night. I woke up with pain and put some in my mouth and lay back down. I actually fell asleep with the water in my mouth, and then woke up choking on it 🙁

  2. I find drinking ice cold water and holding it in my mouth is working ok just now. Also I have rubbed an aspirin all over the tooth and even though it hurt to begin with the pain is more subdued now.

    I am experiencing a little tooth pain just now but just got one night to go and seeing the dentist in the morning.

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