Facebook Limiter software review?

Facebook Limiter has been the worse piece of software I have ever installed on my computer. I downloaded it mainly so that I could restrict access on my computer to when Facebook could be accessed, as my daughter was constantly visiting the site when she should have been studying.

Facebook Limiter software review?

I liked the fact that I could block Facebook for certain times and nobody would be able to change this, however, unfortunately this was not all that it did.

Here are the problems I experienced:

  • Once installed I noticed that not only was Facebook blocked but any browsers I used would crash, this was both Firefox and Google Chrome, prior to this both browsers worked great. After the install everything I would normally do never, this included things such as watching 40d, ch5 demand, bbc website etc.
  • Apart from the constant crashing that occurred, nothing else seemed to work either. For example anything which had a YouTube video would not work at all.
  • I was disappointed that due to me having blocked Facebook for 24 hours, I as the person who downloaded with the main password was not able to login and turn this off.
  • I had no way of uninstalling the software unless I had to wait for 24 hours to pass on the Facebook block, however at this point I was unsure if things would ever return to normal on my computer again, as by this stage I started to look up reviews for the software, and it was then that I read loads of others had had the same issues I was having, and things had not returned to normal once the block expired for them.

It was at this stage I had to format my hard-drive and reinstall my operating system. This was a hassle, but one I never thought could be avoided. By this stage the computer was not operational and the constant crashing was enough to make me take this drastic action.

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