Do lizards tails grow back?

Yes, amazingly a defence technique a lizard may use if a predator catches on to their tail is to actually break the tail off so the lizard can escape from the danger. Eventually the tail will grow back.

Not all lizards can grow their tail back, and whilst a lizard has broken its tail off it may be incredibly weak, this is due to the fact that the lizard stores a lot of fat which provides them with energy within the base of their tail.

Depending on circumstances and the type of lizard and conditions, it can take anywhere from a few days, to weeks, to a few months for the tail to fully be grown back to normal, and even then it may not always be the same as it was previously.

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One thought on “Do lizards tails grow back?

  1. Pretty amazing that their tales grow back, I loved how snakes skin peels off also with new stuff, which we had the ability to get nice fresh skin every few years or something :grin:

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