Disadvantages of online shopping

Being a fan of shopping online with no real bad experiences I do prefer this way, however there can be some disadvantages of online shopping, which you can only really experience when in a real shop in person.

The Product

When shopping in a real shop you get to actually see the products in person, and you get to touch them, feel the quality, see the size, and basically see everything in much more detail.

This is something that you cant do when shopping online, so ultimately you may buy something and not be overly impressed when it arrives at your door.


Another disadvantage of online shopping is that you have to wait for the item/s you have ordered to arrive. Whereas if you are in a real shop you just pay for what you want, and then you take it home with you. So if your looking for something fast and when you need it fast, this is when shopping in a real store has it’s advantages.

Customer Questions

You will get a much better experience in a real store compared to online when you need to ask questions about something. Online can feel like a bit of a drag if you need a simple question answered about something, but in a store they have staff all more than happy and ready to help make the sale, and answer questions for you.

Test Run

Particularly if you are buying clothing or footwear, or anything where it is good to try it on and have it up and running, this is where shopping in a real store is much better.

I have bought clothing online before only to find the shirt was too large, or the trainers did not feel so comfortable on my feet. With a real store you can try things on, and actually go home knowing you have bought things that are ideal for you.

Pay in Cash

Some people don’t like to give their credit or debit card details to companies over the internet. So with shopping the regular way you can simply withdraw cash from your bank, and pay this way.

Social Interaction

Some people like to make a big deal out of going shopping with friends and family to real shops. This is something you cant do online. So many people will make a complete day out of their shopping trip, they may go for lunch, stop at cafes for coffee, go to the cinema afterwards. So shopping in this way can become something which is enjoyable and looked forward to every once in a while.

Online shopping does also have its advantages also. Such as you can find cheaper deals, you don’t have to travel around, you get items directly to your door, and you don’t need to spend the day trying to find a parking place.

It all comes down to the individual, I think both ways are good depending on what you are using them for.

Do you have disadvantages of online shopping? Share your comments below.

6 thoughts on “Disadvantages of online shopping

  1. I agree Helen, nothing better than actually trying things on. Not just that but you also get a feel for how comfortable something is on you, and if you like it or not.

  2. I rarely buy clothing or shoes online now, you just cant beat actually trying them on in a store to know if they fit you nicely or not.

    Have sent back loads of things because of this so rarely ever bother now, unless it is a really good deal and worth risking.

  3. As Rose mentioned the only drawback is not being able to physically see a product. Of course this is not a disadvantage if you know what it is you are buying anyway, but if it is something new then this could be a problem.

    For example say you are buying clothes, buying online you can not touch the material, or buying shoes you can not try them on before purchasing.

  4. I love online shopping. The only real disadvantage I have come across has been when shopping for groceries.

    For example you may order something only to realise it it too small and you need more after all. Or when they offer you a replacement and it is not really suitable.

    Apart from that I love online shopping. Oh one other disadvantage for things like movies, electrical s is that you do have to wait for them, if buying in a shop at least you can take it straight home with you that very same day.

    1. I agree with you Audrey, I once made a mistake and instead of ordering 12 single bananas I had actually ordered 12 packs of 6 bananas lol

      Also I would think that shopping in store is easily as you can pay in cash, rather than using your debit or credit card online.

      In saying that though I have never been the victim of any online fraud, I think as long as you shop at well known sites and nothing dodgy you should be all ok.

  5. As pointed out, only disadvantage is not being able to touch and see the product or try something on, apart from that internet shopping wins every time for me.

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