Are Walnuts Good For You

Walnuts are one the healthiest nuts because they’re very high in Omega 3, and Omega 3 contains all the good fats that primarily help you from getting heart disease, making them really good for you.

Studies have shown that by including just a handful of nuts daily in your diet, you can reduce your chances by up to 50% of getting cardiovascular disease.

The good thing about Walnuts (and all nuts) is that you can easily incorporate them into your daily diet easily.

Some ideas for adding nuts into your diet include adding them to your breakfast cereal. It is also a good idea to buy cereals which contain a combination of dried fruits such as muesli.

Other ways you can add nuts to your diet is by adding them to salads, adding them to main meals, or simply putting them in a food processor when making a fruit smoothie drink.

Additionally they’re great just for snacking on if you are sat working at your desk, or watching the television, or when you’ve got guests around and you’re all socialising.

Some other foods you can already buy in the supermarket that contain walnuts include a waldorf salad which is very delicious, or you could replace ordinary bread you buy with a walnut loaf. Both these are also fun and easy to make for yourself.

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7 thoughts on “Are Walnuts Good For You

  1. just ordered a big bag of these in my Asda shop, will get tomorrow, but cracker all ready also lol love nuts but not had walnuts for years, will always remember my grandma had bag upon bag of these and we would both eat when I was little, loved them 😆

  2. Going to buy a huge bag of walnuts and try and make a nice walnut salad with apple, don’t know what it’s called but had something like that today and it was delicious 😀

    1. I love walnut salad too, not had for ages. There is something about the flavour of walnuts mixed with salad, and even beautiful in a colelsaw also.

  3. Last time I bought these I completely forgot that I needed a nutcracker lol Not a pretty sight trying to open them without one.

    1. That would become a problem Steven 😆 Even when using a nutcracker it can sometimes be quite difficult to open them without making a mess of things.

  4. What I like to do is grind walnuts up and then add them to ice-cream that I have bought. Makes the ice-cream taste so much better and is good for you.

    1. Good idea Michelle, I may try this myself next time I’m having icecream, it’s something I have all that often.

      Welcome to WhereWhyWhen.

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