Any Pictures Of Karl Pilkington’s Girlfriend

Many have tried and failed, but finally here is a picture of Suzanne Whiston, Karl Pilkington’s girlfriend.

Suzanne Whiston & Karl

It makes perfect sense. Blonde hair like a member from the group Slade, and he’s always talking about her size.

Also she seems shy and hides behind the post box (the video was removed), basically like she’s thought damn, they finally caught me.


If any new ones are found they will be posted in here, however they areΒ pretty hard to come by.

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262 thoughts on “Any Pictures Of Karl Pilkington’s Girlfriend

  1. I wonder if anyone can help me out with these questions I have about Karl?

    Are Karl & Suzanne married?
    Do they have any children (either in current relationship or previous ones)?
    Will Karl be doing any more Podcasts with Ricky & Steve?
    Is Karl best friends with Ricky Gervais?
    Will Karl be doing any more TV shows where he travels abroad?

    Thanks if you can help me.

    1. Are Karl & Suzanne married? No they are not married.

      Do they have any children (either in current relationship or previous ones)? No they have no children and none from previous relationships, they have actually been together for a very long time.

      Will Karl be doing any more Podcasts with Ricky & Steve? Who knows, its been a few years since they did any, I would like if they did, never say never.

      Is Karl best friends with Ricky Gervais? I believe they are close friends based on the conversations I have heard them talk about. I would say Ricky is a lot closer to Karl than he is Steve.

      Will Karl be doing any more TV shows where he travels abroad? He has been filming The Moaning of Life 2 which will be aired soon. Hopefully he does a lot more as I really like watching Karl on TV, one of the funniest genuine people out their.

    2. Sorry but it would require more evidence than this if I was to believe that was Karl’s girlfriend. Do you not have a picture of them on the beach or holding hand in hand as that could be absolutely anyone.

    3. Is it possible that Karl is an alter ego character like say for example Mrs Merton, Alan Partridge, Ali G etc
      Is it possible that Suzanne doesn’t exist and is just part of the script like his Aunty Nora?
      I’d love to hear people’s opinions on this please.

  2. In relation to the conversations about the existence of Suzanne, do the people who are sceptical also have the same concerns over his Aunty Nora? Do they also doubt her existence?

    1. I think people are only skeptical because Karl is quite famous now but yet there really has never been a clear cut picture of them both together, that in itself is quite strange. I think I remember him mentioning his Aunty Nora, that’s her with the down area like a split tennis ball πŸ™‚

      1. Karl regularly mentions Suzanne, in fact she’s an integral part of several anecdotes on the shows. Therefore, Karl readily brings her into the spotlight by doing this, yet some say there is no real evidence of her, which indicates that she certainly doesn’t want the spotlight. Regardless, his shows are always the funniest and I wish they would get back together for some fresh material.

    2. If Suzanne does not ‘exist’ then it’s a remarkable on-going hoax. If you listen back to the old XFM podcasts, the later podcasts, Idiot Abroad’s, Moaning of Life’s etc – Karl regularly mentions the number of years that him and Suzanne have been together, and they increase accurately and incrementally as the years go by. The attention to detail in this regard, if Suzanne did not exist would be quite an effort.

  3. Great news everyone – Karl Pilkington will be coming back later this year with The Moaning Of Life season 2 :D:D:D:D

    1. I am too but is he ever going to be doing any new stuff again??? I have watched and listened to everything Karl’s been in (multiple times), I hope he’s maybe doing something now for later in the year but I think he might have taken early retirement lol

    1. That’s very interesting BSMAN, because this woman at the start of that youtube video looks incredibly similar to the one here in the picture of her. Would she tag along with him though when doing an interview on radio, after this show I think he mentions he was going to GMTV.

      1. Alrite Gary.. Its Her 100% there is plenty videos out there with her there, You just have to look close πŸ™‚
        Think Chat Shows
        Think Brief Shots of the Audience

        I will post another video in a week..

        1. Lol why in a few weeks, show us now :p What are these chat shows where there is a glimpse of her? And that girl in the link you said looks like she is very comfortable with the radio guy, like she works for absolute!

            1. Why has nobody ever spotted them out and about, you would think someone would have a conclusive picture by now, he’s relatively quite popular now…! One should come soon, but this is probably her.

        2. The only reason you would not post a video now is because you have nothing…. Karl hardly does any chat show appearances, and I doubt his girlfriend tags along to any he has done….

    2. It absolutely is not her. Suzanne and Karl are about the same age, this woman looks like she’s in her late twenties or early thirties, and looks nothing like the woman in the photo above. If you really look PAST the fact that they’re both blonde, they have totally different face shapes and noses. Here’s a comparison:

    3. In your video this is not her as I have seen the same girl on other radio shows by that station and Suzanne definitely does not work for any radio station. I believe that is her in the picture as the description he says about her matches the photo.

    4. Rubbish, that girl works on that show, noticed her on other videos where that guy interviewed people. The girl in the picture I am sure is Suzanne.

  4. I would need to see more pictures of them together to be totally confirmed that this is her. Been such a long time now since Karl was famous, surprised nothing more of them has been released, do they both just sit and live in their house :p

  5. I wish Karl was on television more, not seen him in anything new for ages. I hope he’s planning or working on something just now πŸ™‚

    1. ‘Ages’?? Moaning of life hadn’t even started a year ago lol I feel you though, I’d love to hear of him in something new but I don’t think that will happen soon. After Moaning, he said he just wanted to relax and go back to a simple life, plus he pulled out of Derek

      1. I never realised he pulled out of Derek, what a lazy round headed tw@t lol All he did in that was be a handyman and he probably got paid decent for it. Now sitting in his underpants eating munchies watching documentaries about chimps – I don’t blame him πŸ™‚

  6. It’s not Suzanne.
    That’s Jennifer Stillgoe who works as a brand manager for Sky.
    That week She was working as Sky’s representative for Moaning Of Life and was accompanying Karl from venue to venue as he was promoting the series.
    Source: Me – I’m her Brother!

    1. Tom did you make that name up, but also apologies if not. Only reason I ask is that when you search for the name there is absolutely nothing on Google at all, usually you find something on a persons name, even a facebook page, twitter account, and that was me searching with ” ” for exact match, but nothing!!

  7. The video is no longer working πŸ™ Damn, really would have liked to have seen that. Is the picture taken from the video?

  8. Has Karl got any new TV work lined up yet? I saw the other day his book The Moaning of Life is coming out.

    1. Have not heard of any new shows lined up yet milo, but if you subscribe (at the bottom) to this post, you can rest assure that when anything new related to Karl is going to be on TV you will be the first to know πŸ˜‰ You are required to comment (with email) and select the check box when doing this.

  9. I know Karl originally comes from Manchester and likes football, but does anyone know if he is a Man Utd or Man City fan?

  10. She was never going to be a super model going out with Karl (before he was even famous), he would be the first to admit he is no George Clooney, this must be her I think.

  11. I thought Karl was only in his early thirties, he does look pretty young even though the bald head. Was shocked when I read he was in his 40’s :O This could very well be his gf, in the marriage episode of the moaning of life when the woman was talking about wedding dress sizes, he did mention she was not exactly slim.

    1. It’s his girlfriend, I don’t believe Karl, Stephen or Ricky have ever been married or have any kids πŸ˜‰

    2. McGinn is right, not married, though not sure if the girl in the photo/video is her, might be because of the hair though.

  12. I wont be satisfied until I see a picture of them both in something like a shop/supermarket, or walking hand in hand, this blonde could be anyone!

    1. Same for me, one has surely got to come along soon, how long has Karl been famous for now, I think this is why so many ppl think Suzanne is a made up character created by the 3 of them!!

  13. I have subscribed so hopefully am alerted to when Karl is next on TV or radio doing something, would hate to miss anything.
    As for the video and picture, I don’t think this is his girlfriend, but whether it is or not who really cares, I just love Karl πŸ™‚

      1. I have also, I hate to miss anything. I totally never realised the moaning of life was on until the last episode, then had to try and see where I could get all the others from online, which I thankfully did.
        Hoping for a new show soon with Karl!!

  14. The only reason I think it is her is due to the haircut and being slightly larger. She doesnt work and there always eating at cafes, so she’s going to put a few lbs on. The fact this girl hides here also sorta confirms it.

  15. To the person who left the last review (Sarah), she never got in the car because Karl probably likes to sit on the left hand side + she never had to get seen standing behind the post box, she knew they would go once they had spoke to Karl, as obvious that girl doesnt want to be on camera or she would have stood casually at the car door.

  16. Its not until you see the picture then everything comes together like a jigsaw. I think they make a cute couple.

  17. finally I can stop wondering about this now, its just the wanting to know that intrigued me, but all the characteristics of her in the video and pic confirm it for me. they match everything he has ever said about her.

  18. I agree with some of the others – bit weird after all this time no photo of them together, not even 1. Why is that!! If I lived near them and saw them both in a supermarket or something, I would take the 10 seconds required to take a quick pic of them both.

  19. Anyone have any idea what Karl will be in next on TV???? I worry about missing the start of a show because I haven’t heard about it. Or anyone know of something planned for the future with him in it????

  20. Karl has mentioned that she has a square head and looks a bit like Dave Hill from Slade, and I’m seeing both those things in the photo. I also believe Karl mentioned she had a large forehead, which again is evident in the photo. I’m leaning toward thinking this is her.

    1. At least you have common sense Barry, most people do not even this she is a real person and this is all some conspiracy!!! You were right also, he has mentioned about the square head and looking like Slade πŸ˜‰

      1. most ppl dont think shes real cause after all these years not 1 pic of them both 2gether.. its sort of like not havin a pic of becks and posh spice 2gether!!

        1. This girl is not posh spice though, who herself is famous and wants to be seen by the public. Karl’s girlfriend is not famous so I think it’s plausible why there are no pictures of her.

          Also Karl is not really famous either, sure he is to his fans, but outwith these people I don’t think the newspapers or journalists really give a sh*t about him.

  21. Having a laugh at the comments and some of the reviews of here with people stating Suzanne is fake!!! Seriously why would they even do this, they conjured a plan from years and years ago (why they would even do that then before they were even famous), and somehow they have stuck to this idea to dupe everyone, please…

    She is a real person ffs, she even worked with the BBC, and you think all those times this was all made up, everything. All the stories about buying her condoms for xmas, spending money on her, taking her on holiday, how she is included in stories like when having meals with Jane and Ricky.

    Also what about all the times when Stephen and Karl fight, and Karl is saying he is ugly and genuinely arguing with him, and Stephen is saying he doesn’t know what Suzanne see’s in him, all made up yeah!!

    Like someone said below, even on Ricky’s blog Ricky had uploaded a picture of a nice card he received from Karl, and it even has Suzanne’s name on it.

    But wait… That is still all part of the master plan to dupe everyone. Give me a break!!!

    1. Could not have said it any better. Why would they pretend about her, anyone who thinks this has serious issues of trust lol

      One big plan right from the start before Karl even got famous and they were mentioning her name, let’s dupe the listeners into thinking Karl has a girlfriend, and not just that, but lets continue it on for 15 years more, pff.

  22. Did anyone see the crap they did on the YouTube Ricky Gervais channel for each day of Christmas pulling a cracker with the cast from Derek?

    If you never your probably lucky, lot of rubbish.

    1. I had watched a couple of them Liam as they showed as recommended videos on my channel, same as you though, did not find them all that amusing, but then again I am not a fan of the show Derek either, it’s ok, but that’s about it πŸ˜‰

      1. I am a huge fan of the TV show Derek but I still found the Xmas cracker clips boring and dull. Naughty jokes in a cracker and a dirty word wrote on a hat, whoopee.

  23. Tonight’s show was really good, hope they do make another season or at least have Karl doing more things. That twix coffin he got made was so shoddy though lol, badly made and looked horrible, you would have thought Karl would have gave the guy his corect measurements at least in height so he could comfortably lay down in it.

    1. It was good, but definitely not the best, I found the 1st one marriage to be the best. Now on to the next thing he will be doing, hope it’s not too long, we need Karl on the TV always πŸ™‚

      1. I fear they are going to run out of things he can do. Only so far can they take it where he is travelling around the world doing things, he has covered that now with an idiot abroad and moaning of life. Trying to think what else he can do now.

        1. I doubt there will be a season 2 of the moaning of life, he covered the 5 main things, but Karl is definitely growing in popularity, and Sky will know this, so I can see them creating regular shows like this each year, I hope so anyway.

          If not them, Ricky & Steve might do something with him again, so no worries, I think Karl on the TV will still be happening πŸ˜‰

  24. Guys I just wanted to update you all to let you know that Moaning of Life will be on Sky 1 this Tuesday – 17th December 2013 – The final episode of season 1 – Death πŸ˜‰

    1. Excellent, thanks for the update, am looking forward to this one, would have totally missed it πŸ˜‰ + I was always checking for it to be on a Sunday as that was the day all the others were on.

    2. Am looking forward to watching this tonight :D:D

      Anyone know if this is just a 1 season show or if they are planning to do more afterwords?

  25. Yes Colin that would be great, he needs to make more dvds, a lady friend needs to bug him in everyday life. He could easy dos,whole serieson relationships, arguing about children, food shopping, stag nights , Christmas day, new years, so meny ideas and I hope there all produced by himse
    f! #roundheadproductions. <3 xx

  26. To the guy who thought he knows best! Hay there no1 have ever seen a pic of them together wich in the time space of there relationship is unrealistic ,never being 4sneak,supermarket,holiday,theatre, ect ect . Very unrealistic! Just because someone on a tv program/radio show ect tells u that there in a relationship and have being for x amout of years , telling you storys does this really mean that this is the truth?? Who knows? Who cares? A fab great show I havnt ever laughed so much in my life so thank u karl (whatever ur name is as guessing thts a stage name!) I love your dvds just watching the moaning of life and its great,girlfriend or not Karl or not I don’t care,u made me laugh! πŸ™‚

    1. She isn’t a celebrity and it has been well documented that she doesn’t want to be. I find it hard to believe that you think it’s some lie that’s been made, and Suzanne does not exist.

      Even the old podcast today I was listening to while at work, and they were talking about how he paid Β£150 for xmas dinner, and then bought her shoes etc. Then on another one they were talking all about his holiday in Gran Canaria, and what him and Suzanne were doing.

      Just because no photo of her does not mean she isn’t real. Also why would they carry this on for over 12 years lol, right from the first time they met and she bought Karl something from a vending machine. You really think this is all a big lie :O

    2. She is 100% real, even on Ricky’s blog he posted a picture of the birthday card they made for him which was about his cat Ollie, and inside the card said Karl & Suzz x x

      You really think all that is a fake too, Ricky, Karl etc just have nothing better to do with their time but to kid on with this pretense, accept facts and that Suzzane is real, and it will only be a matter of time when someone actually gets a proper snap or video of them both together :p

  27. He hasnt a,girlfriend! Would be be fantastic if a lady friend was to do a new show with him tho! That would make great t.v them arguing falling out ect!

    1. Krystal how do you work out he hasn’t got a girlfriend though. I think it would be a bit too good a lie if he never, because think about.

      1) He has spoke about Suzanne for years, even way back in the early XFM shows.
      2) He has spoke about her job as sports reporter which shows as being true.
      3) All the times he mentions her in things like An Idiot Abroad and Moaning of Life.
      4) Ricky and Steve have always talked about her, and made fun of things like how she received condoms as Christmas gift etc

      I 100% believe Suzanne is real.

    2. A show just following Karl about 24/7 would be awesome, sort of like a Big Brother, I would certainly tune into that all the time πŸ˜€

  28. I doubt very much that this lady is karls girlfriend, and don’t believe shes a real person. Howdver it would be amazing to send Karl away with a lady friend that would really anoy him and would make great t.v! πŸ™‚ x

  29. Does anyone have any news on whether the final episode of the moaning of life will be aired or not??? I understand from earlier posts that it never got shown because of the timing of it and what happened in the Philippines. But does this mean it will never be aired now, or it will?

  30. Anyone have any news on when the final installment of the moaning of life will be aired? I would hate to miss it.

    1. Same here, would like to know when this is going to get shown. I checked out the Sky website but nothing about it, and I emailed them but am not hopeful of getting a reply any time soon.

  31. She’s gorgeous! They actually DO look a bit alike. Would like to see a picture of them together too, but maybe she just doesn’t want to be in the public eye, which has to be respected.

  32. I was so looking forward to the episode last night called Death, but I had recorded it and went to watch later and what I got was the very first one Marriage!!

    Anyone know why this was, I asked my friend as was not sure if my Sky recording had screwed up, but he said the same thing happened for him.

    Any ideas??

    1. Franny I believe it has been rescheduled due to the recent events in the Philippines, and in this particular episode Karl was talking about how people from the Philippines deal with death.

      It has been scheduled to air at a later date. I will update as and when I hear anything else.

      1. Ah, that makes sense now. I thought I had maybe screwed something up on my Sky+ box, had sat down relaxed to watch it as well. Will look forward to it getting aired later on πŸ˜‰

  33. That picture of his girlfriend is definitely not how I had imagined her, and I still 100% don’t know if this is her or not.

    A picture of them both together doing something would be great πŸ˜‰

      1. I hope it’s not the last one ever though, I hope they come back with a second season, or at least have him doing something else, TV without Karl is boring.

        1. I found the very first one to be the best, the rest have been OK but nothing to write home about. I doubt this will be aired for a second season, but am hoping he continues to do things, but I fear what else can he do on TV other than traveling, and he has already covered all this with an idiot abroad, and now this show.

          So perhaps enjoy this while it lasts, as I think he will be in decline come the end of this show, and it’s only so long people like his stupidity and thinking, a lot of it is already repeated over and over what he says.

  34. Well after watching tonight’s episode, at least we all know now that Karl can have kids, thought this episode was really good, and good on him for saving that turtle, such a nice bloke Karl πŸ™‚

    1. The show tonight was really funny, good on him for stopping the turtle from being served in a restaurant.

    2. Was funny when Karl was watching all his little sperm swim about, and then he asked the doctor if he could get a photograph of them, so in future when anyone asked Karl if he had any kids he could show them a photo of that πŸ˜€

      Looking forward to Sundays show.

  35. Update to say that one episode will definitely be called Death. I just finished watching the Karl Pilkington video when he was on This Morning, and they talk about it here:

        1. Thanks for that, I checked out the other pictures she is one hot lady, loving the English accent on her too πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks for the clip I missed this on this morning TV, usually catch most episodes as well.

    1. I cant wait for Sunday, I think this one is going to be about children, so expect a lot of times when he moans about how Suzanne wants to have children lol

  36. Thought the new show tonight was awesome, am actually going to watch it again soon. It was also quite refreshing in the new style of documentary, sort of like a mini-documentary on marriage arrangements, marriage in general, and a insight into how it all happens in India, and of course Karl was hilarious πŸ™‚

    Cannot wait for the next one πŸ™‚

    1. I loved it too. In fact I preferred the moaning of life format over an idiot abroad. This one seems like Karl is much more comfortable in his surroundings, he can actually have more fun, he doesn’t have Ricky putting him in horrible situations and telling him what to do.

      I thought Karl did really well with everyone he interacted with in the show, was a really good laugh at times. Really looking forward to the next 4 in this series now.

    2. I really enjoyed it also, I love the way Karl’s mind views the world, and most of the time his was of thinking is pretty spot on πŸ˜€ Looking forward to next weeks one now πŸ˜‰

      Anyone know what the other ones in the series are called?

      1. Not sure what episode 4 and 5 are called, but know episode 1 is marriage, episode 2 is happiness, and episode 3 is kids πŸ˜‰

        1. Ryan I think one of them is called death, so that’s either episode 4 or 5 if correct. I cant seem to find the names for the complete series, tried a few sites but nothing!

          1. I do hope there are 6 episodes, annoying me now that I cant seem to find any more out about the show. Looking forward to Sunday’s though πŸ˜‰

        2. Where did you see that there would be 6 episodes in this series?? As far as I am aware there are going to be 4 episodes called marriage – happiness – children – jobs, but in saying that one called death would match in with the other names, so unsure now!

            1. Oh I will not be missing this thats for sure. All set in the planner to record then once complete I can watch without the annoying adverts πŸ™‚

    3. Damn I missed the new show, will try to see if I can d/load it when home from work today, hopefully I can.

  37. Is Suzanne his girlfriend or his wife? I hear of people mentioning wife online, but I never hear any news of these two getting married. I also hear story of them both breaking up?

    1. She is his girlfriend, and no I don’t think they have broke up, not that I have read or heard that anywhere.

  38. I asked my girlfriend to search for Karl and his girlfriend, she wrote carl pinkerton haha what a doughnut.

  39. Pretty sexy if its her. Not so sure it is though! I think one day we get picture of them both shopping together or doing something together, then we know for sure what she looks like. I certainly never pictured her to look like the girl in this photo, I cant imagine them together as a couple!!

    1. When one of the both of them are taken together, it will definitely be posted here πŸ˜‰ As for the validation of this one, this was a post created by a site member, I really cannot say if it is her or not.

  40. Did you guys see that Karl is going to be in a brand new show starting in October. It’s called The Moaning of Life πŸ˜€

    Looks really good, visit YouTube and search for the title to watch.

      1. This show starts tonight, really looking forward to watching it, excited, what best way to end the weekend on a Sunday night with new Karl material :p

      2. I think the video I uploaded was removed by the owner on YouTube? Maybe best update this comment with a working one.

    1. Nice one Alan, first time hearing about this new show also, cannot wait. Thought it was about time he was getting a new project from Ricky lol

  41. Does Suzanne even exist. What’s to say just made up all along!! You think in this whole time not one photograph of Karl and Suzanne together, please, something not right with that.

  42. Does anyone remember what show it was when Karl is role-playing with Ricky about being in the war, and something to do with letters to home and how you cant express yourself, and then he says something along the lines of “get your knickers off” lol Being trying to remember what show this was from as I would love to listen to it again, it cracked me up big time.

      1. A very funny one, I liked that video πŸ˜†

        By the way is it true that Karl and Suzanne have split, or is that just more internet rubbish going around. I read it on a forum earlier where people were discussing it.

  43. Why has nobody ever spotted the two of them out together, shopping or something. If I ever see the two of them I will be 100% taking a photo lol

    I find it bizzarre nobody has taken a picture when both out and about in London!!

    1. You would have thought someone would have by now Scott eh!! He has been in the limelight for years now, pictures of Ricky and his girlfriend everywhere, none with Steve as he is single lol but cmon people, a nice picture of Karl and his bird together would be great…

  44. My post was also deleted because it contained a URL with proof that this is not Karl’s girlfriend. This person is an NHS nurse called Suzzane Keigan from Whiston Hospital. I very much doubt she or the NHS gave their permission to have her photograph put on this website.

    If you want proof then google this “Mrs Suzanne Keigan RN, Dip Health Studies” and it’s the top result. I suggest the title of this page is changed so that it does not mislead people.

    1. If this is not her it doesn’t really matter, it will just help us eventually find the right one, the author of this post already submitted a previous picture before, then we all figured out who that one was. let’s see if the author submits a new one on his/her findings πŸ˜€ no harm down :D, plus any other girl is already online anyway, probably be flattered to be labelled as being Karl’s girlfriend lol

  45. I doubt that is her, I mean anyone can post things on this site, and where is the concrete evidence. I tried to post a comment about why I never thought it was her, but it was flagged as spam because of the url I included, I think the sites comments is marking anything with a url as spam and deleting, but I doubt this is her.

    1. This is correct Kye80, I was playing about with the comments due to the sheer number of spam comments that had come through, and almost all the spam comments would contain a URL, something most regular commenter’s don’t submit.

      As for who the girl is in the photo, I am unsure also.

  46. Does anyone have that link to the XFM shows on this site, I had bookmarked this page as the link was at the top part below the picture, but it’s not there any longer, please?

  47. A friend told me that Karl and Suzanne had broke up and were no longer together. I asked him where he got this information from, but he he just said he couldn’t remember, but read it somewhere. Anyone know if any truth in this?

    1. The bald headed “Dilkington” lol did ok for himself πŸ™‚ Smullen I have not heard this rumour about splitting up, try and ask them where he saw this or we will need to send for “bullshit man” to sort it out lol

    2. I have heard nothing about this either, please share the source if you ever find out more about it πŸ˜‰

      1. It was probably just some sort of rumour as you usually tend to get with these sort of things, as I aint heard anything either πŸ™‚

  48. Does anyone know what Suzanne does now for a living, I think I had read somewhere that she no longer does the work as a sports journalist for the BBC, I cant exactly remember where I read that, but I do recall it.

    Or maybe no need for her to work now due to Karl most likely being a millionaire πŸ˜€

  49. why can’t you send smiley faces on here anymore, they keep changing it, it’s driving me crazy

    1. I will be adding the smileys back on very soon Sarah, it was just a new design to brighten the site up a little, and the old ones never looked so good πŸ˜‰

        1. im not keen on the xfm radio i just like the idiot abroud series and why can’t u send smiley faces on here any more:(

    1. Maybe she is a bit worried to have them done, after all Karl goes mental at her anytime she gets a new hair-cut lol She doesn’t want to look like someone from the band Slade again πŸ™‚

    1. I believe that is because the person who originally submitted the post had uploaded a wrong photo of her, and the person had black hair in that one. They then edited and put the current picture, hence some of the comments from people claiming she was blonde πŸ˜‰

  50. i don’t blame karl for not wanting a photo of him ricky and merchant, well why would he as all they do is wind him up and ruin his life lol with all theses countries they send him to what he doesn’t like

  51. It’s quite remarkable that after all these years Pilkington has been about with Gervais & Merchant that nobody has a conclusive photo of the group together, including Suzanne. If this is his girlfriend Karl got a good deal out of it all, that morning at work when she borrowed him 20p for a vending machine, and she never asked for it back, Karl thought she’s alright lol

    1. You were close Brian, it was 20p for a hot chocolate, actually you were probably correct if you get can get a hot chocolate drink from a vending machine :p

  52. i think ricky is better looking than merchant but then again i think karl’s better looking out of the three of them.

  53. lol no i haven’t seen what he looks like now, but i can’t imagen him being hotter to be honest lol

  54. Anyone know if Merchant has a girlfriend yet?? I saw him in a magazine a few weeks ago, and have to say he is looking a lot hotter than he was when younger πŸ˜€

  55. I know, just wish they would do a series four thoe, I can’t get enough of Karl, he’s just so straight faced lol if he did appear on big bro then that would be amazing, then maybe Suzanne would get some piece and quite from his moaning lol, in a good way πŸ™„ Connelly love your photo xxxxxxxxxx

  56. Lol true, but there’s better out there! Besides not all about looks I suppose, because I’m a very attractive girl I think men just go for looks but it’ s about personality too iv’e realised 😳

  57. no offence, but if i’m honest karl could of done better than the women in this photo, 😈 i thought she was his mum. 😈

  58. Ok Connelly I knew it wasn’t to long before big bro starts, and Suzanne’s photo iv’e seen before she didn’t look like the photo on here, proper proof we need end of conversation lol. I want more idiot abroad series 4 we want everyone agreed?

    1. I doubt they will do a season 4. Ricky Gervais usually does one or two seasons of things, then stops, even the 3rd season was way too short.

      I wouldn’t complain if they did send Karl out and about though, even if he went to the same places in the past and just did different things, I could watch him all day

  59. IF this is really his girlfriend then Karl did ok for himself, she is blonde and her head is sort of squarish, so possibly could be πŸ˜‰

  60. For you guys who was mentioning this years Big Brother, I read it was meant to be starting on June the 9th, but because that is when the Britain’s Got Talent final is, they will be putting it forward a week, so as not to clash, so I presume it will all be kicking off on the 16th of June πŸ˜‰

  61. I think we need to wait for a photo of them together to surface before β€˜confirming’ anything.

    (Apologies, I posted this under a less appropriate name which having realised there’s no other offensive language on here I’m assuming won’t make it past moderation. This is my first time visiting the site so I hope you’ll forgive me)

  62. I think we need to wait for a photo of them together to surface before ‘confirming’ anything.

  63. Not sure, there’s another Suzanne Whiston that’s interviewed/photographed in a Daily Mail article from 2009 who also fits the bill quite well with the square-ish head, plus she’s described as a BBC employee and we know that Karl’s Suzanne is prominent in the media. I really think we need to see Karl WITH Suzanne before we can called anything ‘confirmed’.

  64. i wonder how karl would be as a dad mmmmm the child may turn out with the same body language as him poor thing lol although i think he would be a good dad all jokes aside.:)

    1. I think he would be a really good dad, the kid would grow up believing some wacky facts though lol

  65. i think it’s coming soon i know there’s been an advertisement on ch5 about big brother reunion so wont be to long now!!! to be honest lol i don’t think he would do it lmao because of the games they play on the show; it would be to much for him. come on let’s face it if the only peace he has in his house from suzanne is on the toilet he’s not going to allow himself to go on big brother hehehe:) but yeah keep an eye out on ch5 for big brother coming on wont be to long now. πŸ™‚

  66. i know he wouldn’t do it wish he would go on the big brother house thoe millions would tune in to watch him on that πŸ™

    1. When is the celebrity big brother, have they already had it this year ❓ ❓ You never know though, he maybe would go on it if channel 5 paid him good πŸ˜†

  67. everybody i don’t think suzanne even exsists to be honest as the media are full of shit even thoe karl mentions her on the series scam

    1. Nah she 100% exists, if you listen to all the old XFM shows, there are times when he is away on holiday with her and her parents, and he is moaning all about it when he comes home etc She has been mentioned too many times for her not to be real πŸ˜€

  68. hands up everyone if you should think karl pilkington should apply to go on the big brother house loooooooooooool now that i would love to see i would be in stitches every night looooool.

    1. Karl in the big brother house would be utterly incredible, I just know he would never do it though πŸ˜₯

  69. yes idiot abroad 3 could of been a bit longer although i don’t think 3 was as good as 1,2 thoe wasn’t as funny i don’t think.

  70. yes karl’s personality is real, he doesn’t like crowds etc that’s why he is how he is, but ricky and steave doesn’t help the situation by pissing him of lmao. i loved the israel one where he didn’t want to go on a camel again hahahahahaha.

    1. I loved all the Idiot Abroad series πŸ˜€ I must admit though I thought the 3rd season when he was with Warwick Davies could have been a bit longer, they never seemed to visit all that many places, and it was only 3 episodes if I remember correctly.

      Definitely need Karl on more television though, I can’t get enough of him.

  71. If that really is his girlfriend he has done pretty ok lol round headed bald twat that he is πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  72. no evidence. there must be some pap out there who is willing to wait outside Hugh Fays…where is Bullshitman

    1. I thought the same myself, surely after all this time there must be a photo of the two of them together, not even by a pap Peter, by joe public and his mobile phone even 😈

    1. I don’t think he does smoke, I could swear in one of the podcasts they were talking about stupid people or something and how you need to control them, and he mentioned smoking as being a stupid one. I could be wrong but I don’t think Karl smokes.

    1. Same here, I knew she would not be all glamorous, but someone who looks nice and could put up with Karl’s daily questions lol

  73. That is definitely her, who else could it be. The exact name in the article, and works for BBC, and has a square head like Karl goes on about πŸ˜€

  74. I am so happy as I just managed to get my hands on all the old xfm radio shows, I listened to the first few in bed last night. This really is old time classic as it is when Karl is practically introduced to talking on the radio with Ricky, so funny as well πŸ˜€

    1. ah Ben your in for a treat then, I got the years ago, listened to them all numerous times over and over, just as good if not better than all the podcasts that they did later on πŸ˜‰

  75. She looks like a nice girl, I can really vision them both being together as a couple, her the sensible one and Karl, well, the child lol

  76. For all we know these two may not even be together. They were never married, have no kids, and even though Karl is a sound bloke, I reckon some pretty girls knowing he has money now could easily lead him astray πŸ˜‰

    1. Mike that can happen in any relationship though. Would you leave Karl if you were a girl? I wouldnt because he is the funniest man on the planet, and you get to a girls heart by making her laugh πŸ˜€

  77. She actually looks really nice, I can imagine both together as a couple. Karl is so funny, am listening to some of the old XFM shows just now, rockbusters always cracks me up, as does monkey news πŸ˜†

    1. I was listening to rockbusters today lol A woman fell in a puddle in Texas. Whitney Houston πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Cant get any better than that, love Karl πŸ˜†

  78. Saw them both before in a Sainsbury’s supermarket, Karl is sound he even signed something for me. That is definitely her, she said hi but did not say much, I did not want to pester them as obviously were doing the shopping on a Sunday afternoon. I did think about taking a snap of them but am pretty shy anyway and thought that was a bit intrusive.

    1. That’s great, now if someone can take a pic of them together or get something with more tangible evidence.

      1. If I see them again because it was my local Sainbury’s I will take a picture, have not been in it for a while though, and don’t know if this is where they shop regularly or not.

        It’s different when you see people in person, I always think yeah I will put camera out, take some video etc, but even when I met a footballer, I did not even have the balls to go up to him to ask for an autograph.

  79. That is a genuine photo of her

    theres an article in the papers about her sporting a shorter hairstyle but its her Suzanne Whiston.

    They do try and minimize her public appeal and so does Karl himself. In the Ricky Gervais Show the cartoons of her are almost always from behind and never show her face adding to her mystique. Consider how well known of a star Karl is and how many photos or papparazi shots of him going about his daily life???? almost never unless hes hanging around with Gervais or promotoing. He does a good job of keeping himself and his partner out of the limelight.

  80. I have yet to see anything which states they want her kept out the limelight, as Matt says they mention her all the time. Are people just assuming she wants out the limelight because you dont see her much, and if so I would put that down to the fact she is not seen much because she is not famous. How many times do you seen Ricky’s girlfriend, not much, only when Ricky is doing something with her like going to an awards ceremony or out having lunch or something.

    1. Ah no Shaun, she has gone to lengths not be seen in any photos, including on the BBC’s own website when she worked there. When there was a photo of Karl and Suzanne, the photo only showed her hand. So no, she doesn’t want to be identified is my guess. Suzanne is an amazing woman to put up with Karl, so maybe we should leave her privacy in tact. (Yes, i googled her photo out of sheer curiosity like most other people)

      1. What did you mean by saying ‘when she worked there’, does this mean she no longer works for the BBC ❓

        1. That’s correct, my understanding is she was a producer at the BBC, then managed the move of BBC to another location. She has recently quit that to pursue a love and career for gardening/horticulture. Proof of this…(Proof is something the poster of this page doesn’t want to present because he is a liar and a coward)

          1. Just like you can’t prove it is not her either – you either accept or decline the information and move on.

            Just like your link for suzanne whiston, any arsehole could have made that page up on linkedin.

            1. ha ha yeah, like the David Brent on linkedin, and the Ron Burgundy as anchor man, clueless tw@t…

            2. No Luca, that’s a piss poor comment and way to rationalise things. You do not simply accept or decline information then move on from things. The person making the claim has to back it up with evidence, at least *some* evidence. I posted the linkedin profile, sure it might be bullshit but at least I produced something. Whether or not if it true or fake is inconsequential to the whole origin of the photo of which we are discussing, (it does however align with other reported aspects discussed from Ricky and Karl about Suzanne). The creator of this page can’t even post a source, link, or any kind of evidence to back up his photo. So you can choose to accept it and move on, but I require a little bit more proof then that which you and your window licker tw0nk moron friend George require.

    1. Dean she is mentioned more times than anything by the trio when doing any sort of show, whether that be radio or even on an idiot abroad Karl is always mentioning her, sorry but that is not keeping her out the limelight, people will want to know things.

      Also how you end up here on this page lol let me guess, searching for what she looks like πŸ˜› practise what you preach.

  81. This would certainly fit the profile, Karl often says that while he has a round head, Suzanne is the opposite and has a square head, picture matches that statement 100% πŸ˜‰

  82. I can picture the girl in the photo being Karl’s girlfriend, they would be ideally suited.

    Also remember guys she is pretty plain looking, not ugly not stunning. Just cause Karl is a celebrity person now, he was not back then when he met Suzanne, also he is not a great looker either.

  83. Ricky and Karl have talked about her hair before and it has been stated that she is a blonde. There is a photo of her available here (albeit it is a few years old and you cannot see her face but you can see her ponytail and blonde hair) and I believe this is also Suzanne in this photo (with the short shoulder length blonde hair here) (Ricky’s GF Jane is seated in the middle) So once again mr poster, where is your source and evidence for this photo because I’m totally calling bullshit man on this.

    1. That person in the car could be anybody, and who cares even if it was, don’t women change their hair colour and style, Karl was always going on about how she gets crazy haircuts which he does not like.

      The first BBC link I don’t even see a woman in it, where about ❓

      1. Her head is hiding behind the computers. You can see her blonde hair and ponytail (I know, it is a very small photo). Ever since Karl has been famous she taken lengths to hide herself from the public eye, part of me wants to keep her and Karl’s privacy sacrosanct because I love the bald headed twat so much. Other part of me just wonders what she looks like because what amazing woman would put up with him? lol. The fact that the page author fails to mention a source for the above photo or back it up with any kind of connection or fact whatsoever is tantamount to bullshit. She doesn’t look like Karl’s type. And I have a strong suspicion that the woman in the photo in the car with Ricky, Jane and Karl is Suzanne because it just makes sense that they would go out on a double date. Other factors match as well. But page author, please prove me wrong with some evidence other than a photo with no source.

  84. Where do people get the idea that she is blonde?

    Apart from the cartoon animations, but think about it, if they wanted her out the limelight then why would they not make her blonde in it, and I never recall any sort of talks with them specifically saying she was blonde ❓ ❓

    1. Annonymous (last person who posted) where did you hear this about, I follow just about everything they all do, have never heard anything about keeping her deliberately out the limelight.

    1. Yeah your right, lets base it on animated TV show where she appeared in it as a cartoon about once, and not an actual picture from a daily newspaper and this one lmao

    2. Munchies, the chocs that are in a roll, are also shown as crisp type things in a bag on the cartoons, so that shows how accurate they are.

      1. Bit of an ignorant comment isn’t it?… Ricky Gervais show is an american produced show for their networks. In England Munchies are chocolates, in America they’re crisps. Don’t assume.

  85. Karl has done well for himself and he deserves a lovely lady in his life. More Idiot Abroad please.

  86. I was going to say that she looks too old, in her 40’s, but then again I keep forgetting that Karl is 40 also, even though he looks really young πŸ˜›

  87. I cant imagine them two having it on lmao, in saying that though I cant imagine Karl having it on with anyone. She actually looks quite nice, Karl did well πŸ˜‰

  88. This is 100% her, I saw a picture in newspaper featuring girl who worked for BBC regarding sports, name Suzanne Whiston, she was doing some sort of ptotest regarding a school closure and had small photo, spitting image of this photo here πŸ˜‰

  89. That is not Karl’s girlfriend, where is your evidence, source? I reckon this is bullshit…if Bullshit Man saw this now he’d fly in, point his finger at you and and state “bullshit!”

  90. The more I look at this photo the more I think she could be the one, I can vision her and Karl together, it probably is her Jack, pretty poor nobody has ever managed to take a picture of them out together, what is up with that, don’t they go out in public together ❓

    1. Yeah totally agree, in this whole time of Karl being in the spotlight, not one single picture of him and his bird together, he even always talks about shopping in the supermarket with her, someone by now must have saw them together and done a little sneaky photo πŸ˜›

      Am still not convinced Kyle πŸ˜‰

  91. I still don’t believe this is her, I would need to see them both together to be convinced otherwise.

    I just cant picture the girl in this picture and Karl together lol

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